Wrist-straps for pocket-watches

Polish leatherworker MK makes some very nice wrist-straps for pocket-watches and car-watches. He's not the only one making these, but I find them particularly handsome, and rather nice retro-modern take on the massive wristwatch phenomenon.

Wristbands for pocket watches. (Thanks, Nic!)


    1. Probably smaller that the typical ones worn by an athlete.

      (I like a chunky watch since I’m large and can pull it off, but some of the NBA licensed ones are redonkulous, I might as well put a camera lens on my wrist) 

  1. Cool!  Antique pocketwatches are delicate, they don’t have antishock mechanisms.  

    1. This is true.  The classic pocket watch movement that’s used in manual wind wristwatches is the ETA./Unitas 6497/8.  The wristwatch version has antishock on the balance staff end jewel.  Without that the balance staff can be broken by a sharp blow, effectively wrecking the movement.

    2.  Aye, exactly. This just means a lot of lovely old things will become broken old things. Just keep ’em in a pocket fer chrissakes.

  2. The wristwatch was originally just a pocket watch on a leather strap. We’ve come full circle.

  3. It is worth bearing in mind that pocket watches were made with pockets in mind, that is, they were designed to keep time best when upright. Many pocket watches will start to have serious issues when put onto a wrist and rotated about all the time.

  4. I’ve been looking for the opposite of this, something to convert a wristwatch into a belt/pocket watch.

  5. Apparently they have discovered that a pocket watch strapped to the wrist is a rudimentary wrist watch. Just wait until they strap two monocles together to make a pair of glasses.

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  6. I go the opposite way, cutting the plastic straps off cheap digital wristwatches (with alarm and stop watch function built-in) to make pocket watches that attach to my generic keyring.

    Been doing it for years but then it’s all about time.

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