Crossed bedside lamps turn each other off and on

Ry4an sez, "Today's maker project was a pair of bedside lamps that switch one another. The effect is really jarring because the switches are so near the bulbs they'd normally control." I love this -- it's just annoying enough that you can imagine it appearing unintentionally in, say, a hotel room (the most notorious source of terrible lighting controls in the developed world), and yet perversely pleasing.

Crossed Lamps (Thanks, Ry4an!)


  1. Strangely enough, this is actually a feature I would like in my bedside lamps. My wife has an annoying habit of falling asleep while reading in bed and leaving her light on. When I’m ready for lights-out, I have to reach over her to turn off her lamp–usually waking her up and often prompting her to turn the light back on and resume reading.

      1. I do one better I have duel remote controls and we can control each others wirelessly, I fall asleep The misses turns mine off, She falls asleep and I turn hers off.

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  2. Repeat one hundred times, with a descriptive commentary delivered in dulcet tones (nurses uniform optional), and we’d be onto something…

  3. Off topic: after this video ends the youtube offer of more videos to watch is the most virulent rwnjobbery so what is the system for choosing whats offered after video is viewed? Who does it.

      1. Yeah I assumed, so I’m just wondering if anyone knows. Its a pretty disgusting mix of brain rot, paranoia and general creep

  4. disappointing. I expected the one lamp to physically walk over and turn the other one off, Then a brouhaha would develop

  5. Swapping the controls of a dual-control electric blanked results in a great demonstration of a positive feedback avalanche. I’m a little warm and turn mine down. But she then gets a little cold and turns hers up. Repeat.

  6. But wait– there’s more! Every third time you use the right lamp to turn the left lamp off, it activates the garbage disposal! Health benefits of running downstairs to the kitchen included, or send the kids. Fun for everyone!

  7. As a licensed marriage and family therapist, I strongly recommend against couples installing this in their bedroom.

  8. From the headline, I thought it was going to be one of the do-nothing machines, the one where if you switch it on, a hand pops out and switches itself off, but with lamps instead.

  9. Too simple, this needs an Arduino, some solid state relays and use of the random function. Every flick of either switch changes the state of one, the other, both or none of the lights.

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