Mozilla announces agnostic, safe payment system for the Web


6 Responses to “Mozilla announces agnostic, safe payment system for the Web”

  1. austinhamman says:

    next step: app to buy bitcoins to get around paypal and credit card blocking mt gox and other bitcoin sellers.

  2. nixiebunny says:

    I’d go with this, just because it isn’t PayPal.  I haven’t had the horrible problems with PayPal that some others have had, but they are not exactly helpful when stuff goes wrong.

    • austinhamman says:

      paypal has a history of abusing their position: blocking payments to wikileaks, blocking payments to mt gox, blocking payments to anyone who makes payments to those people, and freezing payment for anyone the government doesn’t like.

      now maybe they have to, its possible that hidden within the trillions of legislation about money laundering there is some part that says if you take money and make payments with it you are liable for that transaction, and there may be some equally arcane bit of legalese that requires anyone who deals with money to be the bitch of the government, im not sure, but it pisses me off.

      or maybe it’s a faustian bargain with the credit card companies, or some form of corruption with all of the above.

  3. fmwailian3 says:

    formal dress for man –

  4. Crisostomo Calitina says:

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