Some Rollins

JWZ, who has seen Henry Rollins "do his spoken word thing once a year since around 1912," has rounded up about an hour's worth of YouTube clips of some truly great Rollins rants for your Sunday viewing pleasure.


    1. ^not heresy.  I’ve been a fan of Black Flag since 1981 (with “Damaged”, of course.)  But Rollin’s spoken word stuff does nothing for me.  While I know little about him, I’ve always had a feeling he’s a really decent guy (and yeah, probably more of a square than he lets on.)  Still, I don’t like his poetry or rants or any of it.

      I’m afraid I got my fill of those prolific LastGasp/Amok/Loompanics “small press chapbook auteurs” (Kathy Acker is another one) in the 80s/90s…  

    2. He used to trash rap music…like, all rap music. Finally his position became untenable and he reformed. He strikes me as a very good-looking and charismatic person who gets listened to a little too obediently.

  1. If you wanted some further Rollins related entertainment check out the video blogs that his fellow office worker Heidi has made on his official website… pretty great.

  2. The problem with being both prolific as a speaker and famous is that, just like everyone else, you grow as a human being and your opinions mature along with you but because of the aforementioned issues all the borderline insensitive or even stupid shit you have taken a stance on is probably going to be on record.

    I’m only 41, and in my life I’ve thought people like Limbaugh and Rand had important things to say. Pretty fucking stupid in retrospect and maybe my empathy switch didn’t kick in until I was in my 30’s, but thankfully I’m an obscure person who is rarely confronted with my stupid past. Rollins became fairly famous when he was pretty young and he was very much a part of a macho culture (hardcore) and I’m fairly certain that a 20ish guy who is given a lot of influence and surrounded by said culture, who has a good brain and a charismatic personality, is going to get the big head and spout off and behave in a manner than the elder version of the same guy seems to have really move away from.

    I know that Kira has said some stuff about her experienced with BF and the scene at the time of her work in the band that were negative, not heinously so but undeniably negative, but everything I’ve heard her say in that vein is referential to the past. 

    1. Well yea Henry pretty much trashed her all throughout get in the van and Greg Ginn is a notorious dick so this does’t surprise me.

      1.  I think I read an interview where GIV was brought up and she was very forthcoming about her feelings on the book and also very understanding as well. Her take on it was that it was Henry writing stuff in what was, at the time anyhow, a private journal. She said some of it hurt her feelings, but that she and he are cordial to one another these days and that the stresses of the life at the time had them all feeling a lot of the feels.

        I think if there is any current criticism of Henry Rollins I can think of that really bugs me is his whole body image thing and how he projects it on to pretty much everyone. Like he got beat up by fat people or something when he was a kid.

        1. Yea sounds about right. At least you aren’t refuting the fact that Greg Ginn is a dick.

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