Alpine - “Gasoline” (free MP3)


5 Responses to “Alpine - “Gasoline” (free MP3)”

  1. lewisfrancis says:

    Awesome, I’m a sucker for these ASMR-type vocals. Really enjoying “Hands”, too. 

  2. Peter Krismer says:

    If you like this, you need to check out Canadian band Mother, Mother.

  3. confu says:

    Downloaded, listened and didn´t recognize I was listening to the same song for … well, let´s say 15 minutes until I realized. Really like the vocals and that “prruiing” thingy ;)
    The vocals reminded me a little of Yo-Landi/Die Antwoord, at least at the beginning. Strange, but makes it even more a catchy tune…

  4. Nice song.Could’ve eased up a bit on the over the top obviousness of the photo ” Hey, lookit here..our band has 2 pretty girls in it!! Buy our songs!!”

  5. SamSam says:

    There’s no way to buy it online in the US before then? Don’t know if I’m going to remember to come back to this in two months…

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