Alpine - “Gasoline” (free MP3)

Sound it Out # 46: Alpine - “Gasoline” (MP3)

Here’s a lovely, dreamy little pop gem to make any spring day even brighter. The band is called Alpine, and formerly called themselves Swiss, even though they are from Australia. Go figure.

Their excellent debut album A is for Alpine comes out in the US (and most other territories from what I can gather) on May 21.

Free download below!


  1. Awesome, I’m a sucker for these ASMR-type vocals. Really enjoying “Hands”, too. 

  2. Downloaded, listened and didn´t recognize I was listening to the same song for … well, let´s say 15 minutes until I realized. Really like the vocals and that “prruiing” thingy ;)
    The vocals reminded me a little of Yo-Landi/Die Antwoord, at least at the beginning. Strange, but makes it even more a catchy tune…

  3. There’s no way to buy it online in the US before then? Don’t know if I’m going to remember to come back to this in two months…

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