Convertible coffee-table/sofa/dining room table + stools

Julia Kononenko, a designer in Kharkiv, Ukraine, created a clever piece of furniture that converts from a coffee table to a sofa to a dining room table with chairs. It's more small living-space porn for me -- the perfect thing for your 130sqft apartment.

In our apartments we are always in the confrontation with furniture for the living space. It is so important, that the Interior items possess little space, are multi-functional and small in size. I created a sofa for the living room, that can easily be transformed into a small dining-table with 6 padded stools. In terms of ergonomics it gives maximum comfort and convenience to the user. While transforming the sofa, the seat turns into six padded stools, and the backrest - into a countertop. From one small sofa, we can get a dining-table for 6 persones. Transformation furniture - ideal for limited space.

Сonvertible sofa


  1. I really like the coffee table and seats, but that sofa configuration looks like it’ll snap right off if one were to lean on it.

  2. It probably would, considering it’s about 5 inches tall :)
    Maquette, in the parlance, I believe

    1. I THOUGHT it looked tiny in the photos, but then studying the cushions I decided it was full size and just shot strangely, but looking again now I’m not so sure…

      1. Look at the teacups. Imagine them on a full sized sofa and its clear this is rather small.

  3. “In terms of ergonomics it gives maximum comfort and convenience to the user. ” Boy, it sure doesn’t look that way. 

  4. I don’t get the tiny-living-porn thing – don’t take this as snark Cory, but didn’t I just see an interview about your work habits where you talk about your fantastic, immense man cave? I think the tiny stuff is cute and clever too but if I could afford your work space I’d much prefer that. If tiny was really what you wanted wouldn’t you box yourself into a little corner of that huge space and enjoy some tiny multi-function furniture?

  5. Oh man, I hope it’s well over $5000 OR (better yet) totally unavailable and just an idea that maybe some manhattan design firm contracts the creation of one. I gotta say, I love it when design and art come together to make poor people feel bad.

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