Convertible coffee-table/sofa/dining room table + stools


9 Responses to “Convertible coffee-table/sofa/dining room table + stools”

  1. Ramone says:

    I really like the coffee table and seats, but that sofa configuration looks like it’ll snap right off if one were to lean on it.

  2. bobarctor says:

    It probably would, considering it’s about 5 inches tall :)
    Maquette, in the parlance, I believe

    • Timmo Warner says:

      I THOUGHT it looked tiny in the photos, but then studying the cushions I decided it was full size and just shot strangely, but looking again now I’m not so sure…

  3. Steve Baldwin says:

    I need this now

  4. Halloween_Jack says:

    “In terms of ergonomics it gives maximum comfort and convenience to the user. ” Boy, it sure doesn’t look that way. 

  5. jon_anon says:

    I don’t get the tiny-living-porn thing – don’t take this as snark Cory, but didn’t I just see an interview about your work habits where you talk about your fantastic, immense man cave? I think the tiny stuff is cute and clever too but if I could afford your work space I’d much prefer that. If tiny was really what you wanted wouldn’t you box yourself into a little corner of that huge space and enjoy some tiny multi-function furniture?

  6. Sallynotadude says:

    Oh man, I hope it’s well over $5000 OR (better yet) totally unavailable and just an idea that maybe some manhattan design firm contracts the creation of one. I gotta say, I love it when design and art come together to make poor people feel bad.

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