Put a GPS on your cat

When one of Caroline Paul's cats disappeared for 5.5 weeks, it inspired her to find out what Tibula (the cat) was really up to when he left home. The process of this is pretty fascinating. The outcome is, well, kind of cat like. What was Tibula doing when he wasn't at home? Avoiding the house and staring at himself in windows, apparently.


    1. American Cat Liberty Union?  Mine usually vanishes for a few days when spring comes, but tagging her would be such an invasion of privacy.  She’s got no ovaries, so I figure there’s no harm done if she wants to get laid.

      1. Have you actually ever watched cats mate? God, it is weird. The female prancing around going, “Fuck me, fuck me, fuuuucccck MEEEeeee!” Then WHAP!!!!! “Ok, try it again big boy and try not to bleed.” I seriously imagine that when they’re fixed they think, “Dear KatInHeaven I don’t have to do that no mo’!!”

  1. let me guess…it was hazing cheesburgers? :-)

    seriously though i’m curious what inspired it to take the two longer treks it makes in either direction.  i wish it could explain its adventures in its own words.

  2. I can’t get either of my current cats to keep a collar on for more than a couple of days, so putting a camera on them is out of the question.  (But they’re inside cats; I could put cameras in a couple of their usual hangouts.)

    One of my previous cats was ok with a collar, and he had a distinctive enough one that the time he got out for three weeks, one of my neighbors recognized the collar from my Lost Cat posters so we were able to get him back.   (He was half a block away, hanging around an apartment building of the same design as mine.)

    By the way, if you need to trap a cat, Havahart traps cost about $70, and we were able to rent one for $5/day from a shelter when we needed to trap Skittish Cat to get her to the vet.

    1.  I just got an email from Mr. Lee’s human describing some new video and GPS equipment. It sounds intriguing!

  3. There is a simple explanation as to why a cat would stare at a window. They are trying to get the attention of somebody inside who feeds them.

  4. When I was a child, my family had a cat which led a double life.  We took in a young adult alley cat who would occasionally disappear for days at a time.  I found him one day lying under the porch of a house on a nearby street.  I started talking to the owner of the house and found out that our “Tom” was her “Midnight,” who she adopted when he was a kitten.  Some time later some thoughtful soul gave her a puppy, which was too much for Midnight, who refused to share the house and started roaming until we “found” him.

  5. I believe the cat in question’s name was Tibia: http://www.theatlantic.com/technology/archive/2013/04/the-secret-life-of-cats-what-you-can-learn-by-putting-a-gps-on-your-kitty/274777/

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