Tiki Room mugs


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  1. SedanChair says:

    Do I sense a note of defiance in all this Disneyposting?

    • Antinous / Moderator says:

      Probably just your hemorrhoids acting up.

      • SedanChair says:

        How do you know about my hemorrhoids?

        • Antinous / Moderator says:

          Apparently, you haven’t checked your Wikipedia bio lately.

          • Frank Xavior says:

             is this kinda shit racist ?
            i mean we see all that ‘dont dress as x steriotype for halloween stuff but then this gets posted.

          • vonbobo says:


            Here is someone’s opinion…

          • L_Mariachi says:

            What stereotype would this be promoting, that Polynesians are carved of wood and have hollowed-out heads that one can drink rum-based cocktails from? Because I was not aware of that stereotype.

          • ryuthrowsstuff says:

            Probably was a bit racists at its origins when these sorts of things were presented as somehow legitimately connected to Polynesian cultures. 

            These days though the point is largely in celebrating the design sense and kitsch factor of it as a really weird bit of classic Americana. Noone mistakes Tiki as an actual representation of Pacific Islanders. Its just odd trend white people were into post WWII. So if anything its got slightly more to do with mocking bourgeois, white bread, cold war America than anything else. Also its delightfully strange, strangely delightful,  and umbrella drinks are delicious. 

          • Yeah, it’s pretty racist.

  2. brennansarkar says:

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  3. vonbobo says:

    Perhaps the bourgeois white breads don’t get to decide if it is offensive to others?

  4. Sasha Sklar says:

    I’m a huge Disney and Tiki fan, but paying $85 for the opportunity to buy stuff is complete bullshit.

    • Agreed. It is one thing to promote clever design that excels in aesthetics and function, and another to push this sort of molded plastic bullshit destined for the Great Goodwill Shelves of Tomorrowland. Look at this kitschy plastic crap. Just look at it.

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