A blog about "These Boots Are Made For Walkin'"

Look! A blog devoted solely to cover versions of "These Boots Are Made For Walkin'."


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  2. Whenever I hear this song I’m reminded of this time where a buddy of mine was dj-ing at a birthday party in a nightclub.  It got late and an employee of the nightclub went up to tell him that he had stop the music.  Which he would have done, except the record he was playing at the time was “These Boots..”, so he said fine, stopped the record, but as soon as the guy had gotten about ten paces away, he cranked it up again from the top: DUM DUM DUM…You keep sayin’….And the guy goes back, he stops the record, says sorry, guy walks away again DUM DUM DUM You keep Saying…’  This back and forth happens about 5 times, the guy getting angrier and the baseline sounding more surly and mocking every time around….very childish, but fucking hilarious!  I don’t think he would have done it had it been any other record.

    1. At one her concerts which I attended, Nancy Sinatra dedicated it to Slobodan Milošević, who was committing war crimes at the time.

  3. There are an almost infinite number of different videos on YouTube of Nancy Sinatra doing the song, since she performed it on talk shows and variety shows around the world.

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