Access Copyright Canada goes on anti-fair-dealing war-path


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  1. Matt L says:

    Howard Knopf has posted Access Copyright’s Statement of Claim against York University over at

    The argument basically is “At least one professor at York has made copies which are not fair dealing, so therefore York should have acquired an Access Copyright license. Also, fair dealing is a complex area and York’s fair dealing guidelines do not adequately explain all it’s nuances, and so they should be seen as authorizing people to break copyright law”.The whole thing reeks of desperation. 

  2. EH says:

    guidelines…that “authorize and encourage copying that is not supported by the law.”

    I’m guessing the between-the-lines meaning of this is that it’s not prohibited, either.

  3. Heartfruit says:

    I use to think that copyright collectives were a good idea.  Makes it easy for people to pay the rights holders and all that.  But the more I learn about the way they work and how little they actually end up paying the copyright holders the more despicable they appear.

  4. howaboutthisdangit says:

    Can’t we just line all the trolls up against the wall already?

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