Cookie Monster charged with assault after pushing child in Times Square


16 Responses to “Cookie Monster charged with assault after pushing child in Times Square”

  1. robgarcia says:

    That is happens when you try to confine a cookie monster to veggie’s.  Thanks Mrs.  Obama.

  2. Aprila says:

    He needed cookie money. Addiction is a disease, people!

  3. Snig says:

    This has twinkie defense written all over it.

  4. SomeGuyNamedMark says:

    Obviously the victim was a girl scout that had Thin Mints

  5. Lithi says:

    Between this, the fuckery with the guy who did Elmo’s voice and Gordon walking out on his long-term partner and leaving her flat broke, one can only wonder what’s next for the Sesame Street crew.

    Maybe Kermit is a secret serial killer, possibly Oscar is running a drug cartel –ay yi yi.

  6. Cookie Monster isn’t known for having great impulse control.

  7. franko says:

    if they start trying to find dirt about mr. hooper (RIP), i give up.

  8. vancouverrain says:

    Why is anyone surprised by this story? Not to be speciesist, but Cookie Monsters are still members of the family Monstrum, all the members of which are known for violent, sometimes antisocial behavior. “Monster” is right there in the name, people!

  9. Boundegar says:

    Last year we had creepy anti-Semitic Elmo, and he was a New Yorker too. These guys should form a union – or maybe a buddy act.

  10. CHilke says:

    The eyes should have been the giveaway.

  11. Kaiser Spacelard says:

    I’m dumb… nav in the link confused me a bit.

  12. Kevin Pierce says:

    At any given time, a couple dozen, Elmos, Cookie Monsters, a really fucked up looking Big Bird, plus Dora the Explorers, Hello Kittys, Woody and Buzz Light Year, plus Statue of Liberty can be found wandering Times Square wearing “TIPS” labeled string packs, hustling visitors to pose in photos.  I cringe whenever I see them.

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