Johnny Rotten Reviews “Katy Perry: Part Of Me”

Johnny Rotten is in an unusually jolly mood here. He thinks Katy Perry is an interesting person with an interesting story who sings dull songs.

(Via World's Best Ever)


  1. Don’t know about you, but he seems to get all pissy on Aussie media.

    Then last night on a light entertainment-esque news panel programme (The Project – Network Ten) he was being quite the sexist pig towards a female co-anchor for interrupting him and thereafter constantly complaining about the panel shouting questions at him.

    Didn’t know he was cut from the same cloth as Gene Simmons.

    1. Yes, he does seem to have softened with age. Either that or something about the situation ($?) is holding him back.

  2. “Interesting story”?  That’s not an interesting story, mate.  Now THIS is an interesting story…

  3. New rule: from now on all movies must be reviewed by Johnny Rotten and no one else.

    1.  well, i enjoyed ICP’s review of carly rae jepson

      i’m not sure what the name for this genre is.

      1. I was going to recommend the ICP Theatre review of Wide Awake. They are a couple of smart dudes. Focused on the wrong thing, but smart.

  4. Look, due to my own honesty ethics, I am forced to admit that even though I loathe Katy Perry, her style, and her fans, I cannot touch the dial when her songs come on.  I. . .I sing along with them, and find them irresistibly catchy.  *sob*  Oh god, what’s happening to me?!?  Even blasting the Descendants doesn’t help!

    1. Maybe you’re too old now to hate pop stars.  That’s really kind of a teenage thing.

  5. “[I]nteresting person with an interesting story who sings dull songs.”

    Lydon in a nutshell.  Funny, that.

    1. I was thinking the same thing. though some PIL stuff was good. But I suspect that had more to do with Laswell than Lydon.

      1. “But I suspect that had more to do with Laswell than Lydon.”

        Exactly.  I’m a big fan of the first three studio albums.  Their best qualities are because of Levene and Wobble.  The “generic” album worked because of Laswell.

        Lydon seems to be one of those people who’s quality of work really depends his collaborators. 

  6. He did have voice training. It was ‘out there’ at the time. I even bought a cassette for self-training from the woman who worked with him. Don’t have it any longer and can’t remember her name. I can remember singing “Va va vi vi va va vi vi, va va vi vi, va!” a lot though. 

  7. Speaking as someone who has grown ever more irascible and curmudgeonly with every passing year, it’s nice to see someone almost as old as me who has decided to live their life the opposite way.

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