Primate kettlebell

From Joe Rogan's website, Onnit.


    1. Women that don’t like children are like dogs that like to eat their own shit.

      Perfectly normal, average and usual?

    2. I’m not picking up the the transphobia and the homophobia from that article. All I see are small sample of opinions with no context and a witch hunt.

  1. I get my thing in action (Verb!)
    To be, to sing, to feel, to live (Verb!)
    (That’s what’s happenin’)

    I put my heart in action (Verb!)
    To run, to go, to get, to give (Verb!)
    (You’re what’s happenin’)

  2. I was down with this and then I read “Joe Rogan’s Website”. Don’t give that misogynist piece of shit any money. It’s a shame he is already getting free publicity here. :(

  3. Joe Rogan–misogynist??  Is this the new definition of misogynist, the one that goes, “anyone who says anything negative about any woman at any time?”  Because he’s married, has daughters, has female guests on his podcast, works with female comedians, idolizes female athletes… so, I guess, if he’s a misogynist by your definition, your use of the word is meaningless.

    1. Read my comment. I didn’t say he was a misogynist (I can’t verify that), but that he has said misogynistic shit.

      misogynistic (adj.):
      reflecting or inspired by a hatred of women

      Again, Rogan (via twitter): If you’re a man and you call yourself a feminist I hope you choke to death on vegan pizza while crying over a lady gaga song.

    2. Well.. geez. I didn’t know he had daughters and works with woman .. he is absolved of all his sins…  He is a goddamned saint, isn’t he?  

      Yes. He is a misogynist. Had he said “I think of people who don’t like children like I think of dogs that eat their own shit” then more power to him. He’s still an angry piss-ant but at least he’s not a bigoted turd snarfer in that non-existent scenario. 
      He didn’t say that though, did he? He compared woman who don’t like children to dogs that eat their own shit. You see that… just women, compared to dogs. Shit eating dogs, no less. Is there women you’ve encountered that you regard as shit eating dogs?

    3. Did you check out the link that Kokonor posted above? “If you’re a man and you call yourself a feminist I hope you choke to death on vegan pizza while crying over a lady gaga song.” Protip: being married, working with women, etc. does not mean that you respect women.

  4. I’m imagining an alternate version of The Bowler (Janeane Garofalo’s character from Mystery Men) where’s she’s a personal trainer using a kettlebell made from her dad’s skull.

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  6. I had no idea what a kettlebell was actually used for, and after Googling it, I still don’t see why you would use this versus a dumbbell. What am I missing here?

  7. Powerful Joe Rogan!! Dude is a hella awesome human being and his podcast is hands down the best one out there right now. He transforms lives, literally. Don’t believe the “misogynistic-homophone” hype. Nothing could be further from the truth. 

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