Just look at this soldier feeding bananas to an adorable little goat

Just look at it.


  1. And here’s a bonus for being the only thing that isn’t trying to kill me today…

    1. Right there with you Davide405, my thought was “that soldier looks pretty thin, and I’ll bet a steady banana diet makes goat-meat extra tender. . .”

  2. Share that picture of that goat. For no particular reason.

    Ooops… I forgot I was not on Facebook.

    1.  Bananas are a crucial part of the BRAT diet – bananas, rice, apples, tea — used to combat diarrhea.  So it could also *cure* his stomach ache, if the little cutie started out with one.

  3. A) I thought that might be a photo of my dad.

    B) http://movie-sounds.org/old-movie-samples/jurassic-park/whats-gonna-happen-to-the-goat

      1. I can’t believe this is a talking point but the “it” in “just look at it” always refers to the banana-related object.

        I’d recommend “Just look at this banana being fed to a goat by a soldier”

        Also: dawwwwww

  4. That is on Saipan, now the Capital of the CNMI, Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas Islands.  Lee Marvin was on that beach wounded for days before being attended to.  The battle of Saipan was furious, with many Japanese, American and Saipanese deaths.  Marvin described all that to us during a visit to the island in 1968.  I was there as a Peace Corps Volunteer, and have returned often.  It is the most beautiful place with equally beautiful people.  Go there and see for yourself.

  5. Another preconceived notion smashed. First “There are no atheists in foxholes” and now “There are no shepherds in foxholes”. This is just what the Internet was meant to do.

  6. I don’t think this is a good idea!
    Someone I know fed bananas to her goats, and it nearly killed them. Apparently bananas kill off a specific type of bacteria in their stomachs that they need to digest their normal food, and without it they can eat and still starve to death.
    Bit like dogs and chocolate.

  7. This is probably a Marine, instead of a soldier, unless he was a soldier with the 27th I.D. on Saipan.  The Marines like to keep the distinction.

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