Amazing things to do with a Raspberry Pi


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  1. Digilante says:

    The MAME console link 404s.

  2. nmcvaugh says:

    Me, I’ve been recreating the magic of failing to learn to program in the 1980s, when every home computer challenged you with a code interpreter the moment you turned it on.

    Speaking of the 80s (well, really the 90s, but same general idea) you may recall HyperCard and its ilk. It is born anew as an open source coding environment (go kickstarter!) , and there are people working on a port for the pi.

  3. dwasifar karalahishipoor says:

    I have two, and I use them for admittedly non-amazing but nonetheless useful things.  One is a web server, and the other is a dedicated DHCP and caching DNS server for my network. 

    One Pi could certainly handle the load of both tasks, but I like to keep internal network functions off of net-facing machines.

    They both run off a single 5v USB wall-wart transformer.  Very energy-efficient and perfectly functional for their tasks.

  4. tw1515tw says:

    I use one as an XBMC box, so I can watch live TV, YouTube, ZDF Mediathek, BBC iPlayer etc on my TV. I can also stream videos and music from a server. Yes I know I don’t need a Raspberry Pi to watch live TV on my TV, but it does give my channels from around the world. Super simple to set up – basically you download Raspmc on to a fast SD card, and away you go.  

  5. Raspberry PI?  Who thought that Prince could design computers.

  6. Vinnie Pescado says:

    One of the real cool things about the project was the design constraint that it have a retail price of $35.00.  Considerably less cool is that the link you provide is to an Amazon seller that is adding ten bucks to the cost and taking the extra profit.  

    I understand the desire to keep BoingBoing profitable by getting referrals on it’s links to cool things, but you might want to forgo that in this case.

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