Documentary about magician Ricky Jay

The new documentary about esteemed magician, magic historian, and actor Ricky Jay opens next week at New York City's Film Forum with screenings in many other cities to follow in May and June. Jay is a fantastically curious and entertaining fellow and I can't wait to see this film. "Deceptive Practice: The Mysteries and Mentors of Ricky Jay"


  1. I saw the film at the New York Film Festival and it’s fantastic — not just another rehash of all his tricks and card throwing (though there’s plenty of that), but a deep look into his mentors and upbringing and history. It’s a rich and moving film. Can’t wait to see it again!

  2. Although it was listed last, I think of Ricky Jay as an actor first and pretty convincing. Only later would I hear of his primary occupations.  I look forward to this film.

  3. as a teen, I found a copy of his book Cards as Weapons somewhere.  I’m not sure where my copy went, but I remember it as a fascinating book full of strange illustrations, clip art, fiction, tall tales, memoir, and instruction all blurred together by a hit of really good hash that Jay had taken a decade prior and had let marinate before exhaling it onto the pages of his manuscript.  every now and then I’ll fire off a few cards across the room, with middling-to-poor results.

      1. I think I’d probably have more luck trying to mimic what Gambit can do with a pack of cards than I would trying to mimic Ricky Jay.

  4. It’s no longer in print, but I also highly recommend his book Learned Pigs and Fireproof Women of you can track down a copy.

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