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8 Responses to “Huge anamorphic sculpture of actor's face”

  1. Talyah Keul says:

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  2. elrood says:

    i knew him, or, he knew me, since i was a child.
    he was an amazing person.
    the kind you only meet a few times in a life time.
    the kidn that will be forever missed.

  3. Petzl says:

    Why is it so hard in these “Making Of” videos to do a shot of the completed piece (from the preferred POV), and then move steadily off that POV until the artwork looks like disjointed chaos? 

  4. Jonathan Roberts says:

    Why not use a projector (or an I Pad with a wifi connection to the laptop) so everyone who’s working on the project can see the progress and put the pieces in the right place? You could have a split screen with the picture he used as a template on one side and the work in progress on the other. It just seems a bit inefficient to be going back to a little laptop every few minutes.

  5. Hanglyman says:

    I read that as “animatronic” at first. If only it could be both!

  6. Alkwerte Alk says:

    i visited his workshop once, it was impressing
    He was not only making theses enormous installations, he was also creating ” aquagravures”, which where a kind of bas-relied made of paper paste with ink incrusted

  7. Actually, it looks like a bunch of men of colour did all the work while he told them what to do. Collaborative work should credit all of those involved, and the only name I see credited is Pras, the white, able bodied, male artist. 

    Beautiful work done by a bunch of beautiful, dedicated people.