Prank: Headless driver at the drive-thru


  1. Go prank some Wall Street banksters and leave people working schitty jobs alone. They don’t want to be there and you ain’t making it any better.

    1. Having worked some of these shitty jobs too IME… yes they do. They want something funny or different to happen because it’s a drudgery and it’s depressing. Also it shows people at least noticing you exist for some other purpose than to serve them like some kind of inferior being with no other point for existing.

      Seriously… all of the crazy stories I have from then are mostly about lunatics and drug addicts who, while some times scary or robbing me, at least broke the monotony.

      1. Also it shows people at least noticing you exist for some other purpose
        than to serve them like some kind of inferior being with no other point
        for existing.

        In this case existing to be fucked with because they know there’s not much you can do about it as a captive audience and as a “the customer is always right!” minimum wage slave. Because some workers think it’s funny or whatever doesn’t remove this somewhat unsavory aspect of it.

        Also, notice that he went out of his way to caption their responses…..

        1. Also, notice that he went out of his way to caption their responses…..I wonder why….

          Because his audience is mostly suburban white teenagers?

          1.  Who also probably think that ebonics/AAVE is hi-larious too. Thus captions complete with exaggerated, phonetically written captions. I’m curious to see how the edited out attempts went.

        2.  Re captions:  Because the prankees aren’t mic’d so it would be difficult to make out what some of them are saying?

        3. Most of them seem to enjoy the prank. It´s not mean spirited and there´s nothing unsavory about it, i.m.o.
          Would it be better not to disturb the monotony of their shitty jobs out of some sense of piety? I´m sure most of them got a good laugh out of this.

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    2. Oh come on… They’ll have something to talk about and laugh at for months after this. I’d say he definitely made their lives a bit more bearable.
      We need more of this kind of thing. Modern workplaces are dreary enough as it is.

      1. You wouldn’t prank a bankster or white collar worker because you know you might get in some trouble, or at least some kind of  potential blowback from it while it’s otherwise open season on minimum wage workers who have little power to retaliate.

        1. Just…give it up already.  Most of these people were laughing.  Even if they were scared at the outset, they enjoyed being scared.

          1.  dude.  It’s been done.  See “Jersey Boys” and “Crank Yankers”.  They’re crank phone calls which are pranks using phones because with most employees of large corporations who sit in an office or cubicle, creating the opportunity to interface with the general public requires too many hoops to jump through.  Thus, pranks in the form of phone calls is what is usually used. 

          2. Wow, reading my earlier comments through disqus. I’m flattered by your attention. Let’s hook up later for some unprotected sex behind the 7-11, whattaya say?

        2. Jeez…you’ve either never had a job like this or you have no sense of humor. There are cruel drive-thru pranks out there. These don’t victimize the workers or belittle them. I had so much physical matter thrown at me, teenage classmates jeering at me for being in that window, impatient blowhards calling me a liar because they failed to specify something & we didn’t guess. These pranks? Levity, strangeness, humor: these are the salve that keep your average fast food worker from going home & slitting their wrists in the tub, aight?

          1. Two fast food jobs in a long history of tough jobs, and funny enough to know the difference between real comedy and something that’s just kind of at best obnoxious, and at worst somewhat crafty in its mockery. Notice the careful inclusion of captions….. “aight” Tom?

          2. But… but… some of them might aspire to be executioners in a country that allows decapitation.

          3. He’s got a point.  Nobody’s spilling a shake or otherwise making a mess for anyone to clean up.  If someone doesn’t enjoy this prank, the best revenge is to deadpan “Thank you, come again,” and otherwise not react at all to the lack of a head.

            In my half-dozen years of fast food customer service employment, nobody ever bothered to be even half this entertaining.  And yeah, it’s not even all that entertaining.

          4. @facebook-1000995188:disqus 

            Pathetic. Funny that this prank is predicated on fucking with people with a “low” job status. Funny that you’re scared to prank people with higher job status because you just don’t “care” about them. What a load of cowardly privileged sh*t.

          5. I worked my way through school pulling night shifts in a drive-thru.  I would have enjoyed the hell out of this prank. The weird nights were the best nights…

            Also, Thom’s comment reveals that he definitely did his time in the food service industry. My “favorite” was the guy in the nice suit who ordered, then mocked us for working there while we prepared his food.

          6. 2.5 grueling years. One regular understood our “customer is always right” policy too well, but felt she had to abuse us rather than quietly claiming inconsistencies.

        3. Nah, I don’t prank people I don’t like because I wouldn’t give them that piece of me. With people I don’t like I’m quite a bit more vicious and detached. “Humor,” look it up, I’m sure there is something on that particular human phenomenon on wikipedia.

        4. I wouldn’t prank a banker or a white collar worker because they generally do not have drive-thru windows.

          This is just a harmless diversion good for a quick laugh all around.

      1. You need a car to walk into an office with this headless get up?  Oh that’s right, you’d call security…

    3. I’ve worked in many shitty jobs and this is the kind of stuff my co-workers and I lived for.

      1. Can you supply your most typical daily working address now so we can prank you?

        Maybe post it as a new BoingBoing entry so we all know. You know…pranks….
        It’ll make things more interesting!

  2. Funny prank, but I hope he had someone else spotting for him while he was driving in that getup.

  3. I’m sad to see how many staffers apparently refused to give the man his food, or made him ‘perform’ for them. It’s just a sad example of what Headless-Americans need to put up with every day. 

    At least nobody asked how he was going to eat that. 

  4. It’s not often that you get to say, “Where yo head at?” and mean it in a literal sense.

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