The fish with clear blood


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  1. Chentzilla says:

    It’s hemoglobin.

  2. Jodi Ralston says:

    Neat science–and a cute fish :-) 

  3. And other people spell it haemoglobin

  4. Lyle Hopwood says:

    Lots of creatures have no hemoglobin, though to be fair to the spirit of the piece, the other respiratory pigments – hemocyanin, hemerythrin and chlorocruorin - are colored, hence the name. It is interesting to see something that gets by without any of them.

  5. Boris Bartlog says:

    Seems likely to be driven by the scarcity of iron in Antarctic waters.

  6. George Braden says:

    “[S]urrounding the Poles” made me think we were talking about the Baltic.

  7. Justin Sabe says:

    And the plus side is that they won’t stain your clothes when you clean them.  (With due credit to David Letterman with a joke about clear artificial blood made about 30 years ago…)

  8. Antinous / Moderator says:

    How do we get from here to transparent aluminum?

  9. Nathan Barrett says:

    Not one minute ago I stumbled upon a video of this fish in the related bar on youtube. Creepy

  10. digitalchet says:

    During the interview, when asked how he came to be caught the fish replied “I don’t know. Me’s-a day startin’ pretty oki-day with a brisky morning munchy, then BOOM! Gettin’ berry skerred and grabbin’ that net and POW! Me’s-a here! Me-s-a gettin’ berry berry skerred!”

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