Twitter and information anxiety

"Sometimes at night I reach over and pluck my phone from my nightstand, press a little blue icon, and suddenly the whole world is in bed with me, talking," writes Mat Honan. "This is deeply unhealthy, of course, for my sleep patterns, my mental well-being, my marriage."


  1. Don’t worry, Sergei is totally on this one: After you get Google Glass, your ‘having to pick up the phone from the nightstand’ problem will be 100% solved!

    In other news, I realized that stopping to shoot up multiple times a day made me look like some sort of junkie, so now I use an infusion pump…

  2. Two steps to a better night’s sleep:

    Step 1: Do not have an audible alert set on your phone for incoming tweets.
    Step 2: Find some way to convince GF to do Step 1.

    1. Step 3: leave your phone in the livingroom.

      For serious, there is no reason to check email last thing before going to bed, or the news first thing in the morning before you’ve even left the bedroom. The news won’t change in the minute it takes you to leave the room.

      Discovering that made me happier.

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