$20 spy pen camera


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  1. JohnnyLA says:

    The best part? /s

    The music! I can’t think of anything more sedate and boring to present a cool gadget with then that.

    I thought I was watching the Weather Channel.

  2. Lemoutan says:

    Blue light comes on: “Look, everyone, I’m spying on you”. Or maybe listening to you. Or maybe spraying you with sarin.

    • TheOven says:

       That looks pretty cool – no sample video though.

      Also, it appears the lights are on the opposite side of the camera so it’s unlikely that they recordee would notice. Still, I take your point and would wrap some photo-tape around that bit of the pen.

      • Marios P. says:

        I ‘ve had this for the past couple of years now and though I’ve never used it to spy on people, I do think it would light up your shirt (if you wear it in a shirt pocket. That light is damn bright!

        on other thoughts, with so much attention on this pen,  I do not think you can use a fat pen and not get bizzare looks 

  3. traalfaz says:

    Please don’t think that these are in any way stealthy.  They are huge and ugly and obvious and don’t fool anyone.  Source: I bought one once.  Gave it away.

  4. More than 5 years old. You can ebay for about 10.00

  5. davnel says:

    Ya know, it’s amazing. I did a Google search for “camera pen”. Everybody showed up, Costco, walmart, ebay, you name it, but no “Ankaka.com”. And yes, these things have been out forever.

  6. naam says:

    Now with Replacemet Hole! [sic]

  7. John Bodart says:

    If they used a micro or mini USB connector would the pen actually have to be so fat? 

  8. TechSmurf says:

    Kinda looks like old technology to me…sure, 20$ is not much, but still, Id rather wait for Google Glass to use it for spying on people :))

  9. “Don’t mind me. I’m just taking so,e notes with this blimp pen.”

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  11. brainflakes says:

    Is that the same spypen that Ashens reviewed back in 2008?

  12. Considering that real spies used their super-seekrit cameras mostly as document scanners, why not just go for a document-scanning pen instead?
    Much less conspicuous: looks like underlining, or if the pen works capped, like someone was trying speedreading. Which they are, of course.

  13. cashkom says:

     A $20 spy pen camera …great invention and I hope those using would be very careful  if the person you are spying on discovers it may spell more danger. Oj@ NaijaBizCom.Com

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