$20 spy pen camera

The kind of gadget that 007's Q would have spent thousands of dollars to make in his lab. Now the price of an Ian Fleming novel. (Thanks, Kenny in the G+ BB community!)


  1. The best part? /s

    The music! I can’t think of anything more sedate and boring to present a cool gadget with then that.

    I thought I was watching the Weather Channel.

    1.  That looks pretty cool – no sample video though.

      Also, it appears the lights are on the opposite side of the camera so it’s unlikely that they recordee would notice. Still, I take your point and would wrap some photo-tape around that bit of the pen.

      1. I ‘ve had this for the past couple of years now and though I’ve never used it to spy on people, I do think it would light up your shirt (if you wear it in a shirt pocket. That light is damn bright!

        on other thoughts, with so much attention on this pen,  I do not think you can use a fat pen and not get bizzare looks 

  2. Please don’t think that these are in any way stealthy.  They are huge and ugly and obvious and don’t fool anyone.  Source: I bought one once.  Gave it away.

  3. Ya know, it’s amazing. I did a Google search for “camera pen”. Everybody showed up, Costco, walmart, ebay, you name it, but no “Ankaka.com”. And yes, these things have been out forever.

  4. Kinda looks like old technology to me…sure, 20$ is not much, but still, Id rather wait for Google Glass to use it for spying on people :))

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  6. Considering that real spies used their super-seekrit cameras mostly as document scanners, why not just go for a document-scanning pen instead?
    Much less conspicuous: looks like underlining, or if the pen works capped, like someone was trying speedreading. Which they are, of course.

  7.  A $20 spy pen camera …great invention and I hope those using would be very careful  if the person you are spying on discovers it may spell more danger. Oj@ NaijaBizCom.Com

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