Celebrate Herbie Hancock's birthday with Rockit! (1984)

I posted this several years ago, but as it's Herbie Hancock's 72nd birthday today, so let's celebrate by watching Herbie Hancock and friends perform Rockit at the 1984 Grammy Awards. That's Grand Mixer D.S.T. scratching on the B-side of Fab Five Freddy's "Change The Beat."


  1. Damn that man was ahead of his time.  This particular song is what I associate with the whole MTV phenomenon .  Innovation, style, technology.  That was an awesome time in music history.  Thomas Dolby, Billy Joel, Flight of Seagulls.  Great memories of pushing the music envelope.  

    1.  Just curious here, not going to argue but just need to ask:

      In what conceivable sense did Billy Joel ever push the music envelope?

      1. His remake of pressure was visually really good.  The MTV phenom was a new medium and some artists did it with the sound, some with the visuals, some with both.  It was all good.

        1. Fair enough.  I don’t think much of Billy Joel musically but I agree 100% that he was a genius at marketing himself and creating a pretty interesting and compelling media persona which seems to be more what you’re talking about based on this comment.

    2. Actually, the entire production and the tune was Bill Laswell’s:  http://www.songfacts.com/detail.php?id=22025

      And this is NOT to diminish Herbie or his birthday, in any way.

      Happy B-day, Herbie!

  2. I was thinking of the video for this song when the DARPA Petman video was featured a little while ago.

  3. Also, do yourself a favor and listen to the Headhunters album…and marvel that it was produced in 19-friggin-73!

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  4. Intro by John Denver, Herbie Hancock, keytar, dancing robot legs, animatronic zombies, break dancers that sort of look like Pee-Wee Herman.  This has got to be one of the coolest Grammy performances ever.

  5. I was at his place about 20 years ago to discuss some cover design ideas for his album, ‘Did Is Da Drum,’ when I bent over to get a closer look at one of his African drums and my ass knocked over a giant stack of tapes.


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  7. Christ on a bike.  He was MY AGE when he did this performance, which I remember well.  And now the man is 72?!

    Methuselah wept.

  8. I was playing this in my shop, when a customer walked in and asked what we were doing. I said, “Celebrating Herbie Hancock’s 72nd birthday”, and he said, “It’s his 73rd”.

    So, anyway, we did some business, then he asked if I could double check–he wasn’t sure. We agreed to accept Wikipedia’s authority. Says he was born in 1940. Makes him 73 today. I mean, I don’t ‘spect it matters much, but… who the hell walks in off the street and knows how old Herbie Hancock is? Guy said he used to work for Bill Graham, so maybe that has something to do with it.

  9. Herbie Hancock has made great music  throughout his life. From his first hit, Watermelon Man through his participation in the Miles Davis Quintet through today, he’s  kept composing and recording in several genres. I love Herbie Hancock

  10. Last time I heard him in concert was during Orleans jazz festival in 1992 were he played with friends and that was amazing though he didn’t performed Rock it then. A very talented composer, jazz-man and a great performer, that’s the man !

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