Celebrate the first interplanetary holiday!

Tonight is Yuri's Night — a holiday celebrating the first human spaceflight. You can throw a Yuri's Night party yourself, or simply join one of the 340 parties that are already scheduled. Scheduled events range from the ubiquitous "let's drink vodka shots in a Russian restaurant" to more kid-friendly, telescope-centric themes. And this year, you can even virtually join the Mars Curiosity Rover as it throws itself the first Yuri's Night party to be held on another planet. (Which, frankly, sounds a little lonely and sad, so hopefully people turn up for the virtual side of that shindig.)


  1. My cats were born on Yuri Gagarin Day, 1999, I named one of them Yuri. I didn’t even have any fucking internet back then, unbelievable.
    Like a good explorer, Yuri left one day, came back three months later to say “hi” but it was plain to see he had turned a bit feral, sigh.  The next day Yuri left again and I haven’t seen him since.  His brother and sister are still here though, soft and healthy and 14 years old.

    Godspeed, Yuri, may you be well.

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