Michael Madsen talks to Boing Boing about his hot sauce

Actor Michael Madsen came to my house to talk about his line of hot sauces. My favorite is his hot mustard. I put it on a frankfurter and devoured my "Reservoir Dog."


  1. I love this so much. And you know damn well I’m very fond of hot dogs and hot sauce. Why didn’t you invite me!?

  2. Did you slice it down the side before you poured hot sauce all over it?  Hmm hmm hmm middle with you …

  3. Getting out of the movies?  Argh!  I think about his delivery of “Are you gonna bark all day little doggies, or are you gonna bite?” all the time.  So perfect.

  4. If we’re going to talk about hot sauces, let’s talk about sriracha sauce, aka the Champagne of hot sauces. You had a great video about the cute sriracha mistress building her sriracha sauce empire out in Brooklyn, but then never followed up on it.

  5. Kids and I just finished watching War Games with a great cameo from Michael “Turn Your Key Sir!” Madsen.

  6. Have always dug him!  went to the website to find out where to get some…he is going to catch a world of hurt for the video of his little kid shooting him…sigh

  7. HEADS UP BOING BOING READERS: “Michael Madsen’s Hot Sauce” is NOT a euphemism.

    I know, I was very disappointed, too.

  8. Somebody tell that guy to keep keep his lame cowboy hat out of the way of that Audrey Kawasaki painting.

  9. I wonder how this meeting was arranged, because if Michael Madsen arrived at your door unannounced and said “I’m here to talk about my hot-sauce..” you would fucking listen. 

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  10. Food products seem to be one of the more common second-income or alternate-income streams actors, ballplayers, and other celebrities try to go into.  I’ve seen several celebrity BBQ sauces. 

    If you don’t have a food product to huck, there’s always fashion lines (handbags seem to be popular).

    Better that than selling overpriced autographed pictures of yourself, I guess.

  11. I’m so jealous. The last time Michael Madsen showed up at my house to shoot the breeze and make some cell phone videos, he didn’t even mention the hot sauce thing. Mostly we just talked about our kids and video games.

    1. I’m so jealous.  Michael Madsen has never showed up at my house to discuss anything whatsoever.  Nor any other well known or little known actor/celebrity hawking their image around the globe.

      You little name-dropper, you.

      1. Jo Anne Worley called my house once. And Elizabeth Taylor. But no in-person visits.

          1. My roommate at the time (this was in the 80s) was putting together some AIDS charity thing.

          2. Oh, well, in that case I’ve been corresponding with Bob Redford for years, and Al Franken calls me ‘friend’.  :^)

          3. But did you actually speak to them? I also spoke to Rex Harrison and Claudette Colbert, but that was work related. I’ve answered phone calls from a lot of stars that nobody under 40 has heard of.

    2. Whenever Maddie drops around to my place, he just wants to ask me about the time Chris Walken and Gary Busey cooked gumbo in my kitchen.  Man, I get tired of telling that story.

      1. I’ve learned to look through the peephole before opening the door. If you’re quiet for 10 minutes or so he usually leaves. I got tired of hearing about his last big idea- homemade brooms.

  12. …Is it better than “Crazy Jerry’s Mustard Gas” ?  ‘Cause that’s my benchmark by which I judge all other mustard products.

  13. This has just a tinge of the surreal; not so much that it seems improbable but just enough that you know it’s from the internet. Bravo.

  14. This gives me an idea, I’m going to market a line of “reasonably spicy” sauces to counter the gajillions of ultra-super-mega-hot-death sauces.

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  16. This is a man I would buy hot sauce from.  Also guns.  I would buy either hot sauce or guns from Michael Madsen.

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