Nano Quadcopter open source tiny drone kit

Crazyffff Designed by Bitcraze, the Crazyflie Nano Quadcopter is an open source development kit to make your own tiny drones. It's $173 from Seeed Studio Depot and looks like great fun to make and fly! "Crazyflie Nano Quadcopter Kit 10-DOF with Crazyradio"


    1. And the website says only 800 are scheduled to be made so far.

      Obviously a third batch will be ordered but it’s going to be well into the summer before that happens I’d guess.

  1. Until somebody loses an eye.

    Honestly those things scare the hell out of me. First Vietnam helicopters scared me. Now drones. I see incredibly beautiful cinematography created using helicopters and it all looks dystopic to me. The people resemble ants too much. For example, the stunning and terrifying octocoper-shot ROAM.

    I fear robotic insect machines flying in my face. Sometimes they pepper spray you, sometimes they blow your head off. The future. 
    It’s probably just me.

    1. The 500 and bigger RC helicopters are pretty scary. They will gut you if they crashed into you. These tiny quads are harmless enough. They don’t have enough mass or power to do much damage. Even getting it directly in the eye  might not be that bad.

      To me they are far less worrisome than a bullet. People don’t go around shooting bullets onto other peoples property so they shouldn’t fly RC or drones on other peoples property. I fly on my own property or at insured RC fields(MAAC or AMA). 

      1. “People don’t go around shooting bullets onto other peoples property”
        The bullet that made a hole in my roof would like to disagree with you on that point.  (This is in a city, where firing a gun is illegal, and frankly I’m surprised it was only one bullet.)  Of course people are going to fly drones on other people’s properties, especially if you can stick a camera on them.

      2.  As excited as I am by the artistic/commercial/hobby potential of private drones, I’d welcome sensible regulation. If I was expected to exercise as much common sense and restraint as with my automobile, that would come pretty close.

        I’d be okay with someone else’s drone flying over my house, for example, but any footage they took while above my property, I’d want access to as well. And if the visiting drone left some sort of internet radio calling card, just to log its presence, that would be just good manners.

        Drones are going to be used for benign purposes, and they’re going to be used to hurt people and property, I suppose it’s more likely that someone will misbehave and trigger a ZOMG let’s outlaw them all before people get a chance to figure out the good stuff.

        I’d love it if light sport aircraft served as the model for drones in the public sphere, but it doesn’t seem likely.

        1. Most of these things have very short flight times, the larger ones might have 10-15 minutes tops, not only that they sound like about 10,000 angry bees.  There is no way I’m getting close to your backyard without you hearing it.

          You can see far more with hidden gopro type camera, in it’s weatherproof case strapped to a tree from your neighbors backyard than you can with some kind of FPV multipcoter set up.  I’d me more worried about that, oh, and Google too.

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    1. we have dispatched our explosive laden quad copters to the investigate your incredible job story

      1.  After posting, I realized that a micro-hellfire missile would really be a “heckfire” or a “dratfire.”

        Time for me to get back to work on my backyard drone countermeasures.

  3. And that’s how it starts, as a kit, just like the Altair 8080.

    Private enterprise sees an opportunity for profit and acts on it.

    Can you imagine what Pixar, Johnny Ives and the design teams at Apple could do with something like this?

    Now imagine it flying along without propellers, like an ionic fan.

    It would be utterly quiet, have an almost invisible radar cross section and just be a lifting body.

  4. you can already get a quad rotor this size from husban or traxxas for like fifty bucks, with the rx.

  5. Since the Navy’s Blue Angels will not fly at Seattle’s Seafair festival, maybe some people might put on a drone show.  I’d be up for that.  After all, drones are the future.  

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