North Miami mayoral candidate threatened by Vodou


15 Responses to “North Miami mayoral candidate threatened by Vodou”

  1. Chryss Yost says:

    No question that Haitian Vodou is  very popular in that area. Haitian Vodou has never used dolls, though. That’s Hollywood Voodoo.

  2. It’s not the voodoo that is going to make her lose the election… It’s the claims of “having Jesus with me”

    • OldBrownSquirrel says:

      “I hope to have God on my side, but I must have Kentucky.”

      -Abraham Lincoln

    • linnielenart40cx says:

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  3. elix says:

    Um… doesn’t Haitian Vodou use pins stuck into dolls as a good energy sort of thing? Sticking pins into representative dolls to curse or harm someone comes from Eastern European witchcraft traditions. It was transposed onto Haitian traditions by racist Europeans wanting to demonize/discredit them. So… she’s being targeted by someone who doesn’t know their history.

    • fuzzyfuzzyfungus says:

      Or somebody who is continuing the syncretistic processes that gave rise to ‘real’ Haitian Vodou originally… 

      As with language, if you get a critical mass of people who ‘do it incorrectly’, it stops being a mistake and starts being a subculture, dialect, or regional variation. This doesn’t prevent us from observing the process, commenting on it, or even charting the web of influences and mutations that lead different branches of the family to where they are today; but it makes it difficult to nail down one correct snapshot in history against which all others are ignorant or aberrant.

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  5. Cunning says:

    I wouldn’t normally consider a candidate with primitive, superstitious beliefs, but since she has Jesus with her, she has my support.

  6. nemryn says:

    She doesn’t need to worry, I’m performing the counter-curse for her.

  7. BillStewart2012 says:

    When I was in college, pennies in front of your door meant that somebody had unsuccessfully tried to penny your door shut.

  8. TheOven says:

    She needn’t worry, her God can beat up their God – with one or both hands nailed to a tree just for good measure. 

  9. fuzzyfuzzyfungus says:

    I’ve never understood the (apparent) belief in the efficacy of/need for active prayer in certain Christian circles.

    So, some sinister opponent is attempting witchcraft against your campaign. If it’s gotten to the point where you know this, presumably Jesus does as well. If he’s against this, his infinite power certainly won’t allow any logistical difficulties to get in his way. Where, then, does the prayer come in? Would the outcome be different if she had Jesus with her; but zero people praying for her? 

    The role of magical/ceremonial activity seems much more well-integrated in mythologies that either have comparatively finite gods who engage in relationships of contract and patronage and similar extensions-of-social-relations-onto-the-supernatural with their worshipers, or in ones where manipulation of the supernatural is an esoteric extension of manipulating nature generally, and has its own set of experts, technicians, and problem solving techniques.

    In the context of a god who has all the data, has all the power, and is believed to be good-intentioned, what is the role of stuffing forms in the ‘suggestions’ box? Was he going to drop the ball without your helpful reminder? Does he require X prayer warriors per hectare to effectively channel his absolute power? 

    • James Penrose says:

       “I’ve never understood the (apparent) belief in the efficacy of/need for active prayer in certain Christian circles.”

      It’s not that so much as it is the need to be *seen* engaged in “prayer”.  it doesn’t help if you believe in this stuff nearly as much as it does when you convince other people you believe in this stuff.  If people don’t know you are doing this, loudly and publicly, what good does it do?

      You must be seen doing the right things, burning the right pinch of incense at the right altar.  Otherwise, how will people know you believe in the “one true god”(tm)

  10. BBNinja says:

    Those who wish evil on others will be themselves visited by it two-fold.

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