Student says f-word outside of class, college nearly ruins his career


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  1. stillcantfightthedite says:

    Well…  fuck.

  2. fuzzyfuzzyfungus says:

    Who manages to get a college level teaching gig(even at a Mississippi community college) and still thinks that ‘detention’ is a thing at the college level?

    • college is on FB.

      not going to post, because i don’t think it would help this guy out at all.. but fuck i want to.

      • mccrum says:

        I’m willing to bet she’s an adjunct, which means she does one or two classes there and spends the rest of her time substituting for local high schools.  I’m not trying to paint all adjuncts with a broad brush, but do not need as much training to be an adjunct at a community college in Mississippi as you would at a 4 year college in the same town.

        • Preston Sturges says:

          I took Spanish in college from a woman that had been a high school teacher, and she really was awful.  I flunked Intro to Spanish once, and I drew her AGAIN when I took it over. I passed, although she could have failed me again, but I don’t know which one of would have taken a bigger hit if she’d decided to delay my graduation a year so I could take Spanish 101 a third time. 

          • nullifidian says:

             You put me in mind of my Latin 101 professor. She was a completely unfocused ditz, and she missed half the classes due to various ailments. I felt sorry for her about that, but it didn’t do anything to improve her teaching, which was already abysmal enough when she was in class. She tried teaching us Latin without telling us anything about Latin grammar, so every declension and conjugation appeared absolutely arbitrary. She was an adjunct whose day job was teaching at a local high school too.

            Luckily for our class, halfway through the semester she bailed and they brought in a professor from the local Catholic university, USD, to teach the class I took and all other subsequent Latin classes. He emphasized using the paradigms for noun declension and verb conjugation (the traditional “amo, amas, amat”) and memorizing cases and all the boring but necessary stuff that you have to learn if you’re going to understand a language regular and consistent in its grammar as Latin.

          • retepslluerb says:

            Uh.. Isn’t that stuff you learn in 5th, 7th or 11th grade, depending on when you actually start with Latin?

          • nullifidian says:

            Yes it is. And when you start learning Latin in college, you begin with the basics too. Did you miss the part where I said this was a Latin 101 class?

          • Antinous / Moderator says:

            It would have been funnier if you’d called it Latin CI.

          • SamSam says:

            @nullifidian:disqus : retepslluerb was just casually letting you know he started learning Latin in 5th grade…

          • nullifidian says:

            Yes, that was the impression I got too, but I couldn’t resist pointing out that while preening about knowing Latin he inadvertently made it seem like he was functionally illiterate in English. Either that or he doesn’t understand the purpose of an introductory college course. I’ve taught some myself as a TA and adjunct (but not in Classics—I left that for biology) and the first rule of these courses is that you do not assume any prior knowledge on the part of your students.

            If we’re not to teach any basics in college courses, then I’m damned if I know how anyone not previously exposed to Latin before college was supposed to have learned the cases, conjugations, and declensions. Maybe we should say it’s just their fault for not going to the right ivy-choked prep school.

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      • technique advisors says:

        smh. this is crazy! what happen to freedom of speech.

    • kjh says:


      Who manages to get a college level teaching gig(even at a Mississippi community college) and still

      gets upset when students say fuck?

    • Saltine says:

      It’s not exactly like you “manage” to get these jobs. They pay–in TN, AL, MS–$2,000 to $2,500 per class. Due to the low pay, it’s “casual” labor, and the people who do it are often retired college faculty or HS teachers with a Master’s. Since you can’t by any means live on it, it’s just an income supplement.

      As a counter, I have a friend who just graduated from Yale who was, during his doctoral program, supplementing his TA money with a $2,200 per class adjunct gig. And he’s a great teacher. But that’s a separate situation. Up East, there are tons of educated people fighting for scraps. 

      Down here in the South, well, it’s almost all scraps. And I hate to say it, because I am from the South, but many graduate programs down here have pretty low expectations and produce graduates who range from unremarkable to embarrassing. 

      As a final note, over 70% of college faculty are now part-time. And a large chunk of the full-time faculty are non-tenure track people teaching four classes a semester. By far, the majority of classes are now taught by people who have little job security and few to no benefits. So you’ll eventually begin to get what you pay for, when the word finally gets around that this “career” is only for the hobbyist.

      • Halloween_Jack says:

        That makes a lot of sense. I took a few courses at the community college near Memphis, and the instruction quality was extraordinarily variable, to put it mildly.

  3. Fantome_NR says:

    He should have gone to art school. Not only could we say “fuck” in class, sometimes we could actually fuck in class.

    • Logan Rapp says:

      When I was in college not too long ago, in my media production class I called my professor a “cocksucker.” He responded, “stop fucking watching Deadwood before class, you asshole.” 

      • elix says:

        When I was in my last semester of uni (I had to take an extra half-year because course conflicts meant I didn’t get all my credits in time) in 2003, I took a first-year Anthropology class because I never got a chance to take it before, and I needed a random elective. I was the only non-first-year there.

        At one point, the instructor asked us for an example of symbols in our culture. None of us knew what he was asking for, so we did the silent blank stare thing.

        Then he held up his middle finger. “What about this? This is a symbol in our culture, isn’t it?” I inwardly had a childish giggle at the wide-eyed kids fresh out of high school. Welcome to uni, we do things differently here.

        • Chauncey Scott says:

          English 101 first class assignment, short essay that would be used for tourism purposes, the prof reads one out loud. It’s about getting a $10 tug and suck in the red light district Amsterdam

          • elix says:

            Heh, yep.

            I think there was actually some incredibly explicit gay BDSM erotica in the special collection at the library, too. My understanding was the only teacher who used it whatsoever was one particular art teacher that handled some upper-level classes.

          • Antinous / Moderator says:

            My 9th grade English teacher handed me Out of the Closets: Voices of Gay Liberation (1972) for a reading assignment. You can imagine the language in chapters like Rapping with a Street Transvestite Revolutionary.

          • Rachael Hoffman-Dachelet says:

            My ninth grade civics teacher gave me a copy of Ruby Fruit Jungle.  I think we are more or less of an age Antinous.  It sure was different back then, no?

          • Antinous / Moderator says:

            Schools weren’t afraid to talk about sex. Or evolution.

          • Mark Johnson says:

            When I was a senior in High School (1979), we had to have written permission from our parents to take the Psychology class. Seems they said things in that class about human nature that some people thought were against the Bible.

    • bcsizemo says:

      My wife did graphic design in college, so I’ll vouch for this (not directly, but we know it happened.)

      In my 10th grade (1995ish?) science class the teacher would enter the room everyday and yell, “Now everyone shit down before I kill you all.”

      I’m pretty sure that wouldn’t go over to well today, but it always made us laugh (he was a really nice guy.)

      • I had a very early anthropology course with a very British professor.   He’d wake up the class by telling a joke, and then when no one responded because it was stupid o’clock, he’d yell “Oh fuck!  Nobody laughed at my joke!”

    • Putting “lively” into live modeling?

  4. That’s fucked up.
    Srsly I wrote an entire essay for a Philosophy of Language class _about_ swearing. It was full of swearing.

  5. sam1148 says:

    I wonder if  the  perceived ethnicity of his name, Isaac Rosenbloom, had anything to do with the treatment? 

  6. bcsizemo says:

    That teacher seems like a bitch…oh I guess I shouldn’t say that…I mean a very not nice person who doesn’t have a pleasant attitude.

    • millie fink says:

      What does her being a women have to do with it?

      • bcsizemo says:

        Well nothing.  I suppose if the teacher was male I’d use asshole instead, but that’s just me.  Either way I’d expect more from a college professor.  Treating a 30 year old person like a child reeks of a power trip.  It’s one thing if she doesn’t approve of profanity and does not tolerate it in her class, but this was outside of her time and frankly unless the campus has some weird no swearing policy in the hand/guidebook then the whole situation is a bit fucked up.

        • millie fink says:

          Then why the initial temptation to call her a “bitch”? Why write that in the first place, even if you did take it back? In other words, what does her being a woman have to do with it? Oh, right. Nothing.

          I have no problem with calling men or women assholes. But I do object to calling women bitches.

          • rattypilgrim says:

             I’m with you. I especially hate to hear women calling other women bitches. I like “assholes”. It’s gender inclusive and doesn’t single anyone out. That said, people from every spectrum of political and social correctness insist on using the word. I don’t see it disappearing in the near future.

          • Tchoutoye says:

             Tabooing a word only gives its use more power.

          • Antinous / Moderator says:

            That ship sailed a long time ago. I think that we should start using tiny dick to insult men and see whether they “empower” themselves by “reclaiming” it.

          • rattypilgrim says:

             In reply to Tchoutoye, I’m not saying words should be tabooed I just want to see the mind sets of people change from using words that single out genders, races, religions, etc. We’re collectively good or bad, smart or stupid. No need to project.

          • Dlo Burns says:

            @Antinous_Moderator:disqus teenypeen works too and is less cumbersome (not that it was before).

          • Nope Notta says:

            This PC world you hope to achieve is not going to bring about massive change.
            You squabbling about the use of the word ‘bitch’ is petty, and is one of the reasons people roll their eyes when they hear the word ‘feminist.’
            Nothing wrong with feminism,  but people tend to hear that word and associate it with word nazis like yourself.

          • Oscar Garza says:

            get the fuck over yourself, anyone could agree she is a bitch

          • Mother Joker says:

             You call for gender neutrality, then conclude with speech restrictions especially for men. Yay, neutrality!

          • Tina Shontz says:

             I call men bitches all the time. If the shoe fits…

          • ocker3 says:

             My younger brother called me a bitch a number of times when he was in late high school and I was in College, he was trying to manipulate me into doing things (like let him borrow my car), I just laughed at him

          • wysinwyg says:

            Let me guess, this “shoe” has something to do with the men in question failing to live up to your standards of masculinity?

            Calling a man a female-gendered insult is apparently supposed to be really insulting but at the same time we’re not supposed to see any sort of double standard at work with gendered insults.  Always interesting to see the human capacity for rationalization at work: “No, it’s cool to call women bitches because we can call men bitches too!  And nothing about it is insulting to all women everywhere.*”

            *They don’t necessarily have to notice or acknowledge the insult for it to be an insult.

        • Ladyfingers says:

           Use “arsehole” to insult people of either sex. Gendered insults make you look sexist.

        • I think the campus actually DOES have some “weird no-swearing policy”.  Which makes me glad I’ve never been to college outside of California, I guess.

      • Circles I’ve been in tend to use “bitch” in a gender-neutral way, as in a whiny asshole.  Women calling men whiny little bitches, that sort of thing.  IMHO it’s not as misogynistic as it seems, more of an acknowledgement that assertive alphas run things, submissives don’t, and people who complain non-constructively are annoying.

        • rattypilgrim says:

           Using “bitch” is gender-neutral? Asshole is gender neutral. You’re saying a “bitch” which everyone knows is female is not equal to, has less power than your so called alphas who are nothing but psychopaths. What do you mean by non-constructive complaining? Is that code for anything the alphas don’t want to hear? Women who call men “whiny little bitches” are just trying to impress you “alphas” and/or are self loathing, insecure women.

          • Brad Shur says:

            Have you ever spoken up in the same way when someone used the word “dick”, as in “He was being a dick”?

          • rattypilgrim says:

             Yes. But I don’t hear that half as much as “bitch”.

          • chgoliz says:

            I say the same thing in either case: “use ‘asshole’ instead”. But as rattypilgrim points out, it’s not anywhere near as common.

            (edited, because coffee hasn’t kicked in yet)

          • wysinwyg says:

             1. It seems to me that a lot of the time when someone has earned the epithet of “dick” or “prick” it is because it is the sort of person who won’t take these words as an insult.  In fact, for a lot of men being called a “dick” or a “prick” is a mark of pride.
            2. Just generally, “dick” and “prick” don’t seem to have as much “oomph” as some of the female-gendered slurs.  I was struck by this in arguing online with a particularly nasty woman recently.  Every conceivable way I could have stooped to her level involved some sort of misogynistic abuse.  (I decided to simply stop engaging instead.)

          • retepslluerb says:

            Well, in German there’s the word „Zicke“, which means female goat but is also applied as an insult. (It’s roughly analogue to “Bitch”, but w/out the sexual overtones.   Technically female, but also applied to men. 

            Then again, we are used to grammatical gender and actual sex being not necessarily the same.

          • rattypilgrim says:

             The use of “bitch” as a derogatory remark has sexist overtones, not sexual overtones.

          • Sirkowski says:

            You need to get out more.

        • Girard says:

          Yeah, it’s totally not sexist to use a feminizing epithet to mock “whiny assholes” of both genders. Oh, wait. It totally is.

          “No! It’s okay! I use the expression ‘he tried to Jew me down’ even when I’m dealing with a customer who’s not Jewish. So it’s totally not anti-Semitic! It’s culturally neutral.”

        • wysinwyg says:

          “Assertive alphas run things” — sure they do.  And they never complain.  Except when they do, but that’s different because reasons.  Seriously, I’ve never heard people complain more than the “alphas” who supposedly “run shit” at my company — men and women.  Meanwhile the “submissives” sit around on their laptops getting work done and ignoring the constant stream of complaining coming out of the mouths of the “alphas”.

          God this “alpha” bullshit is obnoxious.  Somehow the people spewing it never seem to realize that “alphas” if they exist in the first place don’t spend all their time talking about “alphas” and “submissives”; nonetheless they usually seem quite certain that they themselves are “alphas” — and presumably not whiny bitches.

          They sound a lot like whiny little sycophants trying to toady up to these “alphas” they talk so much about.

          The really weird thing is they don’t realize that what qualifies as bitching or whining is an entirely subjective assessment and that necessarily if an “alpha” is going to put his or her foot down at some point and refuse to take any more of some particular kind of bullshit they’re going to sound a lot like they’re “complaining” or “bitching” about that very same bullshit.  “Whining” and “alpha” are very much in the eye of the beholder.

          If you’re a whiny little submissive, anyway.

      • Jim Butt says:

        Her being a woman has absolutely EVERYTHING to do with it.

        Men don’t get to play the whole “OH WHOAH IS ME!!! SOMEONE OFFENDED MY DELICATE SENSIBILITIES!!!” damsel in distress card unless they’re black or gay. When it comes to playing that card because a man was offended by a woman’s language talking about her genitalia or a woman’s behavior when she dresses and behaves like a total whore, the man is the one socially stigmatized for being a “sexist pig”.

        In other words, yes, the professor here is an unbelievable bitch.

        • CH says:

          “Men don’t get to play the whole “OH WHOAH IS ME!!! SOMEONE OFFENDED MY DELICATE SENSIBILITIES!!!” damsel in distress card unless they’re black or gay.”
          I’m sure you missed some group, that hole you are standing in doesn’t seem quite deep enough.

    • decius says:

      I have to admit that I clicked on this thread because I expected to see the sort of train wreck that occurred here – Somehow I KNEW that I would find a group people who are offended that someone was offended that someone said the word “fuck” but are simultaneously offended that someone else said the word “bitch,” and cannot comprehend the contradiction inherent in holding both of those views at the same time, and possibly have a thick layer of intellectual rationalization that they’ve constructed in order to avoid confronting that contradiction. I knew this would happen and despite the fact that it maddens me, I clicked the link anyway – some part of me needs to keep reading through this sort of carnage until I can comprehend what causes people to think this way and how to convince them that it is a kind of evil. 

      Here is a clue: Other people do not necessarily share your world view.

      I recall when I was in high school I participated with a group of students in putting on a school play that we wrote ourselves. The play went off without a hitch. The audience laughed the whole time. We were very proud. The next day we learned that the administration was furious with us. Parents had complained that we had made repeated references to oral sex in our play! We had no idea what they were talking about! 

      Eventually someone explained to us that we used the word “sucks” repeatedly in the play, and they found it deeply offensive to see teenagers making such references repeatedly on stage. It had never occurred to any of us that the word “sucks” was a reference to oral sex. We used the word all the time in our common speech and thought nothing of it. Of course, under the circumstances, we agreed that we would never use that word again. 

      It was years later before I learned that the word “sucks” is short for “sucks eggs” and has nothing at all to do with oral sex, but it doesn’t matter. What matters is that we had no intention of invoking the concept of oral sex in the first place – the offensiveness of the word we chose existed entirely in the mind of the listener. 

      I know that is really really hard to understand that words that offend you deeply simply do not mean the same thing to other people, but the reality is that they don’t. Other people really do not share your world view. They do not think about things the same way that you do. They do not necessarily feel the gravity of the words they use in the way that you do. 

      In the end, you have to decide whether you want to have an environment where people are free to express themselves in a way that is true to who they are or an environment where people are protected from having to be exposed to things that provoke their own personal sensitivities. 

      You cannot have this cake and eat it too – to mock other people’s sensitivities while protecting your own, which is what this community is doing in this thread, is just hypocritical. 

      • Antinous / Moderator says:

        Somehow I KNEW that I would find a group people who are offended that someone was offended that someone said the word “fuck” but are simultaneously offended that someone else said the word “bitch,” and cannot comprehend the contradiction inherent in holding both of those views at the same time

        Of course you can’t comprehend it. Your male privilege acts as a blinding agent. When someone says the word fuck to you (or the word bitch), it doesn’t represent a likelihood of violence against you as it does to women. Maybe you should just shut your cock holster instead of making false equivalencies, Professor Tiny Dick.

        • rattypilgrim says:

           Great reply, Antinous. Why is it so hard for some people to understand that they have no right to tell others they shouldn’t be offended by their words? They have no empathy or introspection (not to mention imagination) and run rough shod over anyone who gets in their way blaming their targets for being overly sensitive.

  7. chgoliz says:

    This is why we need more laws and more government to protect innocent people from accidentally overhearing 4-letter words (including “love” if it’s not between the two people we think it should be between).  We need extra protection from the dangerous laws we already have, like the right to Free Speech.

    And here I thought colleges were hotbeds of Atheist Communist Liberals out to destroy ‘Merica.

    • wysinwyg says:

      That’s universities, not community colleges.  There’s been a “professionalization” of secondary education exemplified by diploma mills like Phoenix University in which the putative curriculum is taught but the social criticism is dropped entirely.  College education without the whole “critical thinking” bit…just more confirmation for my hypothesis we’re being turned into domesticated animals.

  8. chgoliz says:

    I’ve now gone to the link, and see this happened nearly 3 years ago.  It would be nice to know how things have turned out for the fucker.

    • Purplecat says:

      Of course, it doesn’t really matter to the producers of the website what happens to this guy. They have a rhetorical stick to bludgeon their political enemies with. The fact that in this case it appears to be justified is entirely coincidental. 

    • Isaac Rosenbloom says:

      I won. :)

  9. Antinous / Moderator says:

    Fuck that fucking shit.

    Let’s take this opportunity to practice our creative swearing.  No slurs please.

    • Eric Rucker says:

      Belgium! Those swut-pissing kneebiters!

    • buenasolas says:

      Reminds me of that scene from ‘The Wire’:

    • elix says:

      I’ve always been a fan of “cousin-fucking gull shit” as an insult.

    • ImmutableMichael says:

      When my kids were little we wanted an exclamation that we could use around the house (’cause they are absolutely necessary) that if repeated at kindergarten etc wouldn’t result in this kind of hand-wringing.  We settled on “Bismark!”, on the basis that the hard “K” was a necessary part of any fuck-ternative.

      A kindergarten teacher drew me aside at the end of a class once and said, “he said “Bismark”, but I knew *exactly* what he meant…”.

      Otherwise I’m quite fond of “donkey-raping shit-eater” which I think is a South Parkism.  For more polite company I rather like “F-Bomb, Maternal Variant”.

    • Timothy Krause says:

      “I’ll wring the bastard fucker’s bleeding blasted fucking windpipe!” James Joyce, Ulysses.

    • Gilbert Wham says:

       I once simultaneously got fired  for (well, at least partially for) and won a prize for ‘most creative swearing of the day’ for the phrase, ‘Cunty McFuckbucket and his Bastard Bagpipers’.

      My line-manager had a much better sense of humour than his boss…

      • invictus says:

        My favourite is a literal translation from Russian — which, I contend, has a much greater range of curses available to the connoisseur.

        Cunt-winged nail fucker. 

        • millie fink says:

          I can’t spell the Italian, but a friend always used to say “Sugga da montezuma da donka!” 

          Which, he claimed, meant “Suck a big donkey dick!” 

          I’ve always wondered how close he came. To getting the Italian right I mean, not to, you know.

          • invictus says:

            Montezuma? Really? Utter coincidence, I’m sure.

          • millie fink says:

            That’s how he always pronounced it. In a mangled way, perhaps, since he didn’t actually speak Italian otherwise.

          • Sekino says:

            It’s not real Italian. ‘Donkey’ in Italian is ‘asino’ and suck is ‘succhiare’. But I’m sure any English listener would get the point ;)

          • Antinous / Moderator says:

            It’s Italian like the Swedish Chef speaks Swedish.

          • CH says:

            I just the other day realized, while contemplating that the Swedish Chef would be more believable if he was called the Danish Chef, that chef in Swedish is “kock” ( ), which is pronounced exactly the same as cock.

            So, now you can show off your language skills by calling him the Swedish Kock!

          • Eric Rucker says:

            One of my classmates in high school actually made a SONG based entirely around the lyrics, “you suck big fat hairy floppy donkey dick”.

            Sadly, this was the pre-YouTube era.

    • Sekino says:

      Cock-juggling thundercunt!!

      Not original, I know… I’m trying to remember the gems I came up with when I smashed my fingers with a safe door, but I’m just not in the right kind of moment now…

      • Antinous / Moderator says:

        The thing is, it’s much more insulting if I call someone a puddle of puke, even if it doesn’t include any obscenities.

        • rattypilgrim says:

           Yes, because it’s a novel cuss. The regulars have become cliche´

        • retchdog says:

          i attended a lecture by a civil rights att’y on free speech. he said that case law supports the idea that `normal’ obscenities can’t be considered to be threatening, simply because they are so commonly used that no reasonable person would take them literally.

      • Tynam says:

        I spent my time in ER discussing the invention of new swearwords, as a thought exercise to distract myself from actually using any when the nice nurses were trying to stop me from screaming.

        I try not to swear, so that it still has real power for me when I actually need to, but in hindsight smashing my hand into a jigsaw puzzle was the correct time to take advantage of that preparation.  Habits are hand to break.

    • Funk Daddy says:

      After years of not using profanity (as such) I was roundly lambasted by a group of rough people I once associated with for using “Turd Whistling Butt Munch” in anger. 

      I now use more widely accepted profanity.

    • Scott Elyard says:

      Treacher to her phylum!

    • rattypilgrim says:

       “Fuck” is bandied about to such an extreme it has lost its value. It’s beginning to sound as inane and vapid as Valley Talk. Too may people use it when they can’t communicate a complete sentence or idea. And when words lose their shock value societies have to come up with new ones. Elizabethian cussing is colorful but are meaningless to 21st century ears. The time has come for a new really vulgar vocabulary.

    • camerara says:

      Fuckity fuck on a fuck!

    • Well, rather than go the creative route, I was going to invoke the generic New Yorker cartoon caption. It seemed appropriate.

    • DreamboatSkanky says:

      Antinous:  DETENTION!

  10. Andrew Reid says:

    This case certainly seems meritorious, but I notice that a bunch of the “watch also” videos, and the FIRE website ( seem pretty strongly conservative — FIRE highlights their advocacy for religious organizations on campus at Georgia Gwinnett College, religious pluralism in Idaho, getting a pro-life group legitimized at Hopkins, among others. 

    If they’re a conservative-focused free-speech advocacy organization, that is of course  fine, but I have had a small amount of experience with organizations using free speech as a cover for political advocacy (not necessarily conservative), so the website examples kind of raise my guard.

    • I sadly agree.  I’m glad they helped this guy out.  But I paged through their stuff too, and while they do handle some great Free Speech concerns — I find their other positions are really troubling.

      They seem to have some stereotypical conservative policy viewpoints. Check out their FAQ ( ) ; I’ll  paraphrase the two more troubling ones :

      - Religious Liberty = oppose non-discimination policies that regulate membership constraints on campus organizations ( many schools have policies in place where a group is not allowed funding or campus resources unless they have open membership and leadership )

      - Freedom of Conscience = they oppose “diversity training”

      In my experience from college, groups like this tended to do more harm than good.   Most of them did no good.  That being said, this group did at least one really great thing.  

      Anyone else ever notice that conservative groups seem to like ‘fire’? TheBlaze  , TheFire , torch and flame iconography ?  

      • Ian Wood says:

        And now you and Andrew might be able to empathize more with how conservatives feel about, say, the ACLU.

        • And the kicker is, conservatives get it wrong about the ACLU, too, or at least social conservatives.  There’s this urban legend that they won’t defend Christians, which is of course completely false.  There have been cases where school kids get expelled for wearing religious pariphanelia , including crosses, the ACLU has a record of stepping in to protect their rights.

        • nullifidian says:

           The ACLU? You mean that institution that came to the assistance of Jerry Falwell in his lawsuit with the state of Virginia over church incorporation?

          • Carl Berglund says:

             You don’t mean the ACLU that teamed up with the NRA in suing the government like a decade ago, do you?

      • Boundegar says:

        Deeply troubling.  They seem to be one of those groups that fights to defend hate groups and hate speech and bullys’ rights and all manner of horrible things.  Nice that they protected this fellow’s right to say fuck, but still.

        And no, protecting oppressed minorities is not the same thing as protecting the rights of the privileged to oppress them.

        • millie fink says:

          I’m sure they all complain about so-called “political correctness” several times a day, too. 

        • Rindan says:

          You realize that the ACLU merrily defends the KKK in their right to hate speech as well?  No one (well, except assholes) likes hate speech, but I can count on no fingers when freedom of speech has been defended too vigorously and society has collapsed and dictators ruled.  You literally can’t count the number of times that freedom of speech has been curb stomped and then been followed up with people being curb stomped by a government.  

          I’m pretty content to see people over defend freedom of expression, and then turn around and use that same freedom to verbally beat the shit out of people abusing.

          • wysinwyg says:


            You literally can’t count the number of times that freedom of speech
            has been curb stomped and then been followed up with people being curb
            stomped by a government. 

            Provide three examples.

    • Jim Tuck says:

      I seem to recall them sending nastygrams and offering legal help to some gay/straight college groups and a college prof who upset students with a documentary on porn.

      So while there is a decided conservative bent to them, they’re not out to just promote conservative speech.

    • Isaac Rosenbloom says:

      FIRE is a completely nonpartisan organization that takes cases from both sides of the political spectrum and everything in between.

      The only thing that matters is the breach of the freedom of expression of any college student or faculty by said college.

  11. Jorpho says:

    It should be pointed out that we know very little about this man and how he may have otherwise behaved towards this teacher in the past.  And that his actual words might well not have been nearly so polite as “I’m 30 years old. This is college. There is no detention.”  And that defying the teacher’s authority is probably what got him into much more trouble than his usage of the F-word.  And that getting a 74 on the exam might have just as well “jeopardized his financial aid eligibility and could have derailed Rosenbloom’s plans to become a paramedic”.  (As if mid-college career plans have a general habit of working out.)

    Of course, if we took all that into consideration, it wouldn’t make THE FIRE look nearly as good.

  12. Gary Melancon says:

    He can come work in the oilfield as a medic and make more money.  If you don’t curse out here, people think you’re strange.

  13. Brainspore says:

    I teach at a community college. I can’t recall the last time I said “fuck” in class but I’m almost positive it’s happened. I didn’t give myself detention though.

    • anonotwit says:

      In my brief teaching career I said “fuck” in front of a class full of eighth graders.  I don’t believe they noticed, however, as I’d just set the room on fire.

      • Gilbert Wham says:

        We had a marvellously entertaining chemistry teacher used to do shit like that. Blew up his desk more than once,  had an epically dangerous thermite demonstration, and on one memorable occasion our class, whilst under his tutelage, produced so much sulphur dioxide in one practical session that the entire science block (three floors of it) had to be evacuated. He had iron-on transfers of Thor wielding Mjolnir, and the Hulk going through a wall, FTOOM! SMASH! on his lab-coat and, as you would expect, drove a car he’d built himself. Which  broke down a lot. Whereupon he would curse mightily and proceed to kick it till it worked again.

        • Fee Berry says:

           Sounds a lot more lively than mine who, despite being more or less blind, used to drive himself to school every morning and park by crashing his car into a wall.  Same wall for twenty years.  His idea of teaching was to tell us to open our books at a particular page and then at random intervals he said “Qui-et in a Welsh accent as authoratatively as he could muster.  He could barely see beyond the first row, leaving the more adventurous pupils to play “what happens if…?” with chemicals inside the smoke hoods.  Had more or less the same effect though – noxious fumes and evacuation.

        • Linley Lee says:

           My chemistry teacher was awesomely crazy.  My favourite memory was when he burnt himself on a bunsen burner during a bunsen burner safety lesson.

          • Paul Browne says:

            Chemistry teachers are all like that. magnesium burning, hydrogen explosions, gas cabinet accidents and evacuations. All good fun!!

          • Linley Lee says:

             Getting your finger stuck in a test tube?

          • CH says:

            Mine, too… although it turned out he actually was a bit crazy. A few years later he had to go “calm down his nerves”, after going missing for a few days.

            Anyway, my best memory was when he demonstrated how to make iron sulfate. I’m pretty sure he did it to get two hour off, as he did it right at the start of the class, and of course the classromm was emptyed and class canceled due to the horrible rotten egg smell.

            The rest of my chemistry teachers… urgh, horrible! :(

      • kwhitefoot says:

        I know this isn’t a strictly relevant comment but I wish people would stop saying eighth (or sixth, etc.) graders.  It tells me nothing because I don’t know when your children start school.  It would be like me referring to fourth formers, incomprehensible to most of the world.
        Why not just say how old the people in question were?  I know that even that is not perfect but it does reduce the confusion a little.
        P.s. Clicked ‘Like’ for setting fire to the classroom!

  14. fnc says:

    The icing on the cake is that it was an exam for an Oral Communications class.

  15. TombKing says:

    Man what a prude, both of my HIGH SCHOOL physics teachers were prone to let the occasional f bomb into their conversation in class.

  16. Hutz says:

    By my reading he said it to her while arguing his grade. “Instructor Barbara Pyle and a few students stayed after class to discuss the students’ grades.”

    Huge difference between “she overheard him” and he got rude while whining to the teacher that he needs a better grade.

  17. teufelsdrochk says:

    ….everyone reads headlines differently. You might read it as, “All of your worst teachers finally get their comeuppance.” I read this as, “media-savvy douche finds a way to get his failure national attention.” What both of us DO understand is that the headline is missing important information.

  18. Paul Browne says:


    No, really Fuck!!!

  19. TheMadLibrarian says:

    Does anyone else have the South Park Movie soundtrack running in their head after reading that? “Shut your F***ing face, Uncle F*****…”

  20. Jean Baptiste says:

    “Shut the front door!!!”

    “Woop woop..”

    “Franklin Delano!!!”

  21. Gerel Gruber says:

    Pretty ironic since the FCC is about to let full frontal nudity and the use of vulgar language on regular TV. Freedom of corporate speech maybe, but not much of anything else.

  22. Bet the teacher also taught Sunday School at the local Southern Baptist Church. 

  23. Snig says:

    There’s the recent study that showed that if you don’t swear often, swearing seems to help with pain control:
    So if he’s a paramedic, his swearing could encourage others to use similar language that might decrease their pain.  Frequent swearing on his part would decrease it’s efficacy for him, but he’s willing to make that sacrifice for the ones he’s helping.  

  24. babVU98i says:

    These fucking events took fucking place almost three fucking years ago.  The fucking reporting doesn’t seem very fucking timely. Also, it’s fucking ironic but totally fucking apropo that the low fucking grade this fucker fucking complained of was in his fucking Oral Communications class.  Fucking brilliant. Incidentally the prof was neither an asshole nor a bitch; simply a fucking fuck.

  25. Petzl says:

    What kind of shithole college issues “demerits” in any case?

  26. Antinous / Moderator says:

    But in the US, it’s only ever used as a term of abuse to women.

    • Saltine says:

      Not “only”; maybe “generally.” Think of Jesse’s uses on Breaking Bad, or the common uses in prison. I’ve certainly heard it a lot, typically, when directed at men, coupled with a diminutive, as something like “Don’t be a little bitch.” Doesn’t mean it’s not misogynist. The insult still relies on the idea that a womanly man is a loser man.

      • Carl Berglund says:

        A term may also be applied with the intent to cause offense, without being considered offensive to the user themselves.

        A parallel example would be if I antagonized a Turkish person by “accusing” them of being Armenian, or something like that.  I don’t have any feelings about either nationality/ethnicity, but one supposes that there are those who do.  In theory, anyhow.

    • fitz99 says:

       My gay friends and I call one another bitch all the time.  It’s actually a term of endearment when I’m with that group, so no, it’s not only used as a term to abuse women in the U.S.  Our vernacular is just as valid as yours.

      • chgoliz says:

        If you’re in a private space talking with each other, great, say whatever you want to say, but once you’re in public or around others who are not part of your specific demographic, your personal translation of a commonly understood word is no longer the working definition.

        And you might want to check with all the other gay men in your group.  Based on personal experience, I’ve found that a majority of gay men are in fact NOT cool with using “bitch”.  Maybe some of your friends are just too polite to tell you to stop.

      • David Lauri says:

         I’m with you, fitz. chgoliz might want to shame you into not using the word “bitch” and perhaps all chgoliz’s gay friends disapprove the word, but I bet your friends will laugh when you mention the uptight processing that went on in this forum about the word.

    • Rindan says:

      Uh, no.  You shouldn’t use bitch in the US because someone is likely to take offense and think you are being sexist.  Declaring that anyone who uses the word bitch is abusing women though, is utterly insane and defies reality.

      The term bastard has an actual meaning.  It refers to a group of people which I happen to be among.  When someone calls another person a fucking bastard, I realize that they are not personally insulting my kind, and in fact are not even commenting on the moral standing of people born outside of wedlock.  It is just a generalized term that implies someone is being a shit head for the sake of being a shit head.

      Bitch also has a meaning.  It refers to dogs.  Just like with bastard, people are rarely referring to dogs.  In fact, as a curse, it often times means exactly the same thing as bastard.  If you are playing a board game and someone screws someone else over and the victim screams out “you bitch!” or “you bastard!” it means literally the same thing, neither of which are abuse of women, dogs, people born out of wedlock, or anything of that nature.

      So the good advice is:
      1) Don’t use the word bitch in the US, or at least don’t use it around people that you don’t know.  Someone is likely to interpret any usage of the word, regardless of the context, as sexist.    Bastard is still okay.

      2) Don’t assume that anyone using the word bitch is “abusing women”.  That is a delusional view to hold.

      • Antinous / Moderator says:

        You talked about two words in your comment.  I was (I think rather obviously) referring to the other one.

      • wysinwyg says:


        Declaring that anyone who uses the word bitch is abusing women though, is utterly insane and defies reality.

        Haven’t seen a single person claim this.  “Using a gendered abusive epithet” is not the same as “abusing women.”  Surely this acolyte of the importance of context can see the difference?

        As far as your tediously simplistic analysis of “bitch” vs. “bastard”, I’ll just point out that “bastard” is only considered an insult because it’s traditionally been held to be shameful for a woman to have a child out of wedlock.  That is, being the father of a bastard is not shameful but being the mother of a bastard is.  Interesting that.

        Meanwhile the word “dog” used as an insult is so mild as to elicit chuckles at any earnest Mennonite who might employ it.  Only being likened to a female dog is sufficient to raise anyone’s hackles.

        Now to intent.  Surely it has come to your intention at some point in life that even the most earnest, warm, and kind-hearted people imaginable are nonetheless capable of unintentional, unconscious bigotry?  I tend to think my grandmother should be canonized within that Catholic faith to which she so faithfully adhered but I nonetheless realize her views on black people were probably less than progressive.  (Ah, yankee bigotry.)

        So carrying on into sexism we have to acknowledge that even the most egalitarian of us is raised within a culture rife with double-standards in how we assess gender roles and that many of our attitudes in this domain are unconscious and unexamined — in no small part because we never learned any alternatives (we think it’s “human nature”).  Thus while you’re willing to acquit anyone of sexism who isn’t consciously motivated by sexism I simply don’t think it’s that simple.  One can be sexist without meaning to and one can endorse sexist attitudes without meaning too.

        Calling out the use of gendered insults is a way to call attention to these unconscious attitudes.  To see how “bitch” is an insult but “dog” not so much; to see the subtle, lingering sexism in our cultural DNA.

        It’s really not about taboo.  It’s about trying to get people to realize that they’ve already internalized a bunch of this bullshit and it takes some actual work, though, and humility to even start to untangle it.  You have my permission to stop taking it as an affront to your happy-go-lucky libertine ways and start taking it as an invitation to apply your “free thinking” where it will do the most good: examining the beliefs, behaviors, and attitudes you take for granted because “that’s how you were raised.”

  27. Only in America… or Pakistan… or Nort Korea… or Iran… 

  28. It only seemed weird until I read it happened in Mississippi,
    and then I wondered what kind of idiot spends education money in Mississippi.

  29. geeks says:

    My HS fresman english class teacher told us the following “They tell me I should swear less, but they also tell me I’m the best teacher at Loyola. So fuck it.”

  30. Relee says:

    Man, that reminds me of the time a little shy of a decade ago, when I got in big trouble with my database professor for including swear words in my swear word filter. She made me replace them with made-up pretend swear words to filter instead, and also demanded an apology.

    Pretty ridiculous. I rolled with it, I’m not one to let my pride get ahead of me, but everyone I knew was incensed.

    • Felton / Moderator says:

      Fudge that!

      • Antinous / Moderator says:

        I was in the grocery store a few years back when an elderly Midwestern gentleman yelled, “Gosh darn it all to heck,” in that tone of voice usually reserved for phrases like, “Motherfucking piece of shit.” People were staring.

        • Felton / Moderator says:

          My brother-in-law actually does say “fudge” in place of “fuck” at work.  He holds out the “ffffuuuu” to make it obvious what he’s really saying, though.

          • Antinous / Moderator says:

            I used to work with a woman who said sugar instead of shit. It was fucked up.

    • chgoliz says:

       Trying to understand the level of idiocy here:

      You were supposed to change the words used in the user-interface part of the program (“the offending version of these words will be filtered out: fudge, shoot, etc.”)


      You were supposed to change the filters themselves to filter out the less offensive words because even having THOSE words embedded in the code was offensive to this teacher?

    • I’ve played a particular pirate-themed game for so long that I now swear out loud using its chat filter.  Scupper those barrelstoppers.

  31. I fucking hope she doesn’t ever have to fucking deal with retired Navy people.  Her fucking ears would burn.

    • millie fink says:

      It does seem required in macho territories. That and “goddamn.” Neither of which bother me on their own, but when they’re every third word or so? Ugh.

  32. RonnHonn says:

    Dude should like totally watch his mouth.

  33. JohnnyIsRotten says:

    Fuk, fuc, fukk, fucc 

  34. oldmanlochinvar says:

    That is a bit disingenuous, his “career” would not have been destroyed for being ejected from a community college. It would have sucked, but he could go to the community college the next town over. It’s not like its the only place. Financial Aid is actually fairly forgiving unless he was screwing up already.

    Although the situation is stupid, a grown man being threatened with detention for saying the F word. They were wrong, I just hate seeing hyperbole about his career almost being over. 

  35. Proteios says:

    I had a student do that in one of my upper division courses. In class as I handed back graded exams. I stopped looked at him. Gave him the wtf look with arms it, palms up and said, “then study next time”. Aide from a few giggles. Silence followed. The thought of ruining this doofus’ career or class as a result never occurred to me. You deal with it and done. Much like schoolyards fights. You fight. You shake hands. Half the time you end up friends. You move on. This professor is like most I work with. Whitney. Nonconfrontational and cowardly. It hurts us all.

  36. Joe Lonzello says:

    He should have gone to Rutgers.  He would have gotten a cash buyout & Season Tickets for fucking up.

  37. MurasakiMadness says:

    Ah, memories. I was a 27 year-old mother of two, and when I sat down in my academic advisor’s office, she immediately and firmly said, “Remove your gum, please.”

    Instincts from third grade kicked in, and I swallowed the gum while she went to get her trash can for me. Judging by her reaction, this was even more disgusting (?). Whatever, I was there to schedule classes, not to debate what would become of my intestines in 7 years.

  38. take out the word teacher, substitute the word boss. Would you say fuck and talk about your performance review 4ft from your boss?  He obviously showed no respect.

    My guess is that the detention reference was due to the fact that a 30yr old man was acting like a child

    • bcsizemo says:

      I’ve managed people that would do things like that, but that’s just kind of who they were.  If something bad happened and they were at fault or I gave them a less than stellar performance review then yes sometimes they would walk away upset and possibly swearing.  If I thought it really warranted a discussion about their actions then I’d talk to them the next day or so to give them time to process it and cool down.  Not everyone is able, or has been taught, to contain their emotional responses.

    • wysinwyg says:

       And if you take out the word “swear” there was never any problem in the first place.  I like this game you’ve invented!

  39. lesbianjesus says:

    America _____ Yeah

  40. Nores says:

    Well that’s all well and good, but now who’s going to deliver my fucking pizza?

  41. shawn_von_socialist says:

    well this fuckity fuck shit stinky stuff  like this  happens in red-states

    get out while you can-

  42. As I kept telling my kids “Stop fucking swearing” at which point we would get the giggles. Tey are now 20somethings and I swear I wil have to live with the guilt o my parenting choices. Fuckit

  43. James Penrose says:

    Did this college have any sort of written policy about use of foul language on campus?

    That would seem to be the only rational (such as it is) way they could enforce something like this.

  44. nitemayr says:

    We should check in the details of this one:

  45. BBNinja says:

    If anyone has taken classes with Mrs. Pyle you can “Rate your professor” here:

  46. I actually went to Hinds for 3 semesters. I am not surprised. 

  47. Antinous / Moderator says:


  48. There’s two side to every story. This one isn’t quite believable–unless the teacher has a personality disorder

  49. Steve says:

    My guess is he did more than say fuck.  Probably threatened her, and harassed her.

    • Felton / Moderator says:

      I’m guessing he’s also a dog person, and likes oatmeal a lot.  Of course, I don’t have a shred of evidence for those things either.

    • Paul Browne says:

      I’ve heard he wasn’t even born in Amurica, and he’s really a muslim?

  50. Ryan Lenethen says:

    Sounds like an episode of “Community”! Was the Teacher named Senor Chang?

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