The important business of mess-resistant toddler snack containers

Today's Cool Tool is about the Munchkin Snack Catcher, a container with a multi-flapped lid. You fill it with whatever your toddlers or sysadmins like to eat, snap the lid on, and hand it to them with the confidence that they aren't going to spill everything on the floor.

It turns out there are other solutions for mess-resistant snacking.

Boon Snack Ball. You don't even have to fill it with a snack. This Kubrik-like container stares down the child until he or she is frightened away.

Gyro Bowl. This is designed to challenge kids to knock the snack out of the gimbaled bowl. A simple shake defeats it!

Munchkin Click Lock Super Suction Bowl. Paging Kathie Lee.


  1. LOL, my then 5 year old saw the  Gyrobowl commercial and said, “*I* could spill that. All you’d have to do is hold the inner bowl.” And I said, “It wasn’t meant as a challenge.”

    1. We had the suction bowl and our two year old saw it as a challenge as well. Every time we tried to use it he spent the entire time trying to pry it off the table, ending up with food flung halfway around the house.
      Not very practical.

      1.  We love our suction cup bowls for messy foods (mac and cheese etc…).  Our little one is fortunately pretty obedient, and has her dad’s OCD, so when we tell her not to try to move the bowl “or it’ll spill and make a mess” she gets obsessive about it and doesn’t even want us to move it when it’s empty.  The huge plus is that it avoids the accidental spills due to toddler spaziness/short attention span.

  2. We possess several Gyro Bowls and they are easily defeated, or just fall apart as @jweisberger:disqus mentions.  I’m with @10xor01:disqus that a dog is really the only solution.

  3. Gyro bowl doesn’t work at all. Best we’ve found is a wee plastic cup with what I perceive to be a plastic sphincter lid. 

  4. I have not fathered any children, but having spent my fair share of time waiting tables, I can certainly see the value in spill-proof containers for small children. That aside, however, shouldn’t learning how to not spill food and beverage containers be a very central part in a child’s education (motor skills and all that)?

    1. Absolutely, but these are training wheels.  

      Otherwise you end up doing things like continuously refilling milk cups two tablespoons at a time instead of actually eating dinner (or continuously mopping up large milk spills instead of eating dinner; your call). 

  5. with the munchkin snack trap, my kid would always pull one of the flaps back, and then shake out the contents of the trap all over the car or restaurant floor.

  6.  I’m confused as to why anyone would think that gyro bowl would be spill proof. It’s still a bowl and it’s still open on top.

    Also, if something is advertised as “Kid-Proof” I take that to mean I can hide my pron stash in it safely.

    1. It’s still a bowl and it’s still open on top.

      Which would be fine if it could alter local gravity or generate a containment field.

  7. or you could make your kid sit in a chair at a table when they eat. i don’t understand these things, my almost 2 yo son eats out of the same dishes we do.

    1. This works really well until you take a car trip anywhere.  Or use a stroller around Manhattan all day.

        1. of course there are special screamy situations where the kid needs to eat right away. 

          But these containers seem to assume that kids are wandering around snacking on a regular basis, which is a relatively new phenomenon, I think.

  8. Non-spill cups for liquids are definitely worth while, the rest I have found to be a waste of time.  My three year old mostly uses those blue enamel bowls – if he dumps or spills them we have a broom/mop.  On occasion a ceramic bowl gets smashed – so what – we buy another bowl.

  9. I’ve found that a good option is to have the baby/toddler exclusively eat either outside or in the bathtub.  Either way, the food and the kid are relatively easily hosed off.

    Inside, we don’t have carpet, which just means regular sweeping after mealtimes. The overall thing I’ve learned about childrearing is that the complex solutions never really work reliably – there’s too much variation in kids.

  10. The first thing that came to mind when I saw the pictures was interactive feeding toys for pets that make them think/work to get their food.

    We didn’t have any of these new-fangled feeding gadgets when my daughter was a baby almost 10 years ago. We just put a shower curtain on the floor under the dining table and a bib with sleeves on her. She’s more or less got the hang of feeding herself now. :)

    1.  Sure, same thing applies to kids.  My toddler’s motor skills improved dramatically when he had to get through an obstacle course to access his breakfast.  Also, Skinner boxes make it fairly straightforward to protect the bone china.

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  13. Technically speaking, it is not a gyro bowl.  It is a gimbaled bowl.  If it was spinning fast enough for the gyroscopic forces to be noticeable, I am pretty sure that the contents of the bowl would fly out. ;-)

  14. I have a one year old and his motivation is entropy. Even at one he enjoys a good challenge which all of these devices provide to some degree. The best was his introduction to the suction bowl. He couldn’t understand why it could be lifted, but the didn’t stop him from trying. Imagine a hybrid of Olympic weight lifting, a food fight and cute. All the while I’m trying to use my words.

  15. I’ve had a Gyro-Bowl for about 2 years. Its the greatest invention ever. Good-bye mix spills, hello psychedelia. As an added bonus, it floats on water! When combined with a floating bong you have a date set with destiny!

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