Glow-in-the-dark Haunted Mansion tee


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  1. sam1148 says:

    I love Disney. And Haunted Mansion stuff.

    But would you purchase a slave labor diamond, because it sparkled? But hey a 30 buck t-shirt made by children in sweat shops overseas; COOL! 

    • nealpolitan says:

      Lighten up Francis. 

    • Boundegar says:

      Hey at least those kids don’t have to work on top of Space Mountain.  That thing kills.

    • jccalhoun says:

       I’ll never understand the love some people have for Disneyland and Disney in general. They are a horrible corporation. Without their work to perpetually extend copyright, boingboing wouldn’t have nearly as many stories to post (…which may be why they love Disney so much! Conspiracy!!!! ;-) )

    • SedanChair says:

      You’re the guy with clothes not made in China? Are you a millionaire with bespoke clothing or a hillbilly shepherd who spins his own wool?

    • before I looked at the receipt of $6559, I be certain that…my… mom in-law was like they say truley making money part time on there computar.. there neighbour had bean doing this 4 less than 8 months and just took care of the dept on their apartment and purchased a gorgeous Lotus Esprit. I went here….. …… ZOO80.ℂom

  2. Colm Buckley says:

    Shenanigans! I was in Disneyland today, and at no point was there the kind of direct sunshine shown in the top photo. It was pretty cool and overcast all day. Which I didn’t mind, as it kept the crowds down. Fireworks canceled, though :(

  3. G3 says:

    Purgatory was also the local’s name of Durango’s ski resort, but the powers that be have tried for years to eliminate it from the branding. So cool to see it out there. Finding old PURG hats and logo gear is tough.

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