Sokolsky's surreal girl-in-a-bubble Paris fashion photos, 1963


10 Responses to “Sokolsky's surreal girl-in-a-bubble Paris fashion photos, 1963”

  1. sam1148 says:

    I’m reminded of the BBC sci-fi show “The Prisoner”. 

  2. info says:

    Please, please, please… somebody tell me how they did those photos. Without CGI, the behind the scenes work must have been epic and very ingenuous…

  3. rattypilgrim says:

    Can’t help but think “The Red Balloon” (1956) didn’t influence/inspire Sokolsky.

  4. Hegelian says:

    The scenes are completely real. A real bubble in a real place. However the bubbles are suspended by a crane. The cable and cable attachment have been retouched out. They had retouching before Photoshop :-D

  5. mtdna says:

    The best part is they completely mute all nagging.

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