HOWTO spin a toothbrush on your finger

This enterprising fellow is very good at spinning a toothbrush on his finger, and he wants to share his talent with all of us! It looks remarkably simple to learn, and you'll surely find endless hours of enjoyment in this skill, should you choose to acquire it.

Como girar uma escova de dentes no dedo - Tutorial de malabares com objetos não-convencionais (Thanks, Lucas!)


  1. Looks like this applies to any kind of open-ended hooked object. I’ve been trying to spin my sunglasses on my finger for a long time to no avail, but watching him do it clarified the process and now I’m spinning like a pro!

  2. Practice this using your flatmate’s toothbrush… so when it lands in the toilet you’ll not have to buy a new one for yourself.
    {Be aware, your flatmate my have seen this comment}

      1. I think what Dub Google was trying to say was “may”. So he left out an “a” and you called him out for it. Now go lie down and dream of Nazis. You’ve earned it. 

    1. Coming up next month on BoingBoing:  An electronics project using parts from an old Wii controller, for tracking the position and orientation of your toothbrush over the internet while you’re away from home.

    1. When you turn it on, part of it spins, though on a different axis.  Less likely to wow your friends, but still spinning.  

  3. I discovered I could do this with my toothbrush as a child back in about 1980.  Longer bristles and smaller diameter fingers make it easier, as do wet bristles for that little extra grip.  Still got it:

    1. hahahah if things don’t go right as a youtuber/juggler/videomaker I’ll try that. I really enjoy cooking, but only as a hobbie. 

  4. I’ve been googling “WHY TO spin a toothbrush on your finger” but it seems to be running slow …

  5. Would someone explain to me what is enterprising about spinning a toothbrush on your finger?

  6. I spin Allen keys on my finger all day at work. 
    I wonder how this guy got that bored with a toothbrush in his hand… 

      1. :)
        hahahha thanks.
        Actually, I can deal well with spanish too, it has a lot in common with portuguese.

  7. Back in the early 60’s I had a plastic toy called a Twirl-a-Cane which was the same size as a toothbrush and shaped like a tiny hockey stick.  I think it came out of a cereal box.  It had a weight and shape that made it very easy to twirl on your finger.  I wonder if the inventor got the idea from a spinning toothbrush?

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