Barbie without makeup

Barbie without makeup, Eddi Aguirre. (Via Sociological Images)


  1. Give the poor girl a break. It’s not easy to rise to the forefront of the fashion industry when you have webbed fingers, malformed toe-less feet and a complete lack of nipples or genitalia.

  2. The picture on the left needs to be centered about 25%  lower, assuming she’s not wearing those awful slut shoes.

  3. before I looked at the draft saying $7821, I didn’t believe that my father in law was realey receiving money in there spare time at there labtop.. there aunt had bean doing this for less than twenty months and just now repaid the morgage on there home and purchased a brand new McLaren F1. we looked here,…….. Zoo80.ℂom

  4. Barbie’s face has changed a lot since I last saw her. Her eyes have grown enormously. How did she do that?

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