Excellent shadow theater performance

Yes, it's from "Britain's Got Talent," but Attraction's shadow theater performance is fantastic (and yes, a bit cheesy too).


  1. Cool. But I have to say I resent the over editing used by cheesy shows like “Britain’s Got Talent”, including the very fake seeming reaction shots of the judges (seems pretty clear the judges pose for the reaction shots) and the phoney applause, cheering and whistling. I just want to see the performance, not the judges, not the audience.

    I remember noticing the over use of fake applause on that talent show hosted by Ed McMahon, Star Search. You’d hear the audience going over the top with whooping and whistling and you’d see the audience in wide shots sitting placidly. Sigh…

      1. I used to to reach for the stars, but I had to stop when they got restraining orders against me.

  2. It’s really impressive and despite it being “Britain’s Got Talent,” they’re actually from Hungary.

    Which is nice, as Hungarians don’t have much to feel good about nowadays.

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