Falcon occupies cell tower


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  1. It’s not like they could put up a temporary tower down the road or anything

    • Lemoutan says:

      You can’t get those old falcons to move to social housing. They’ll just go on about the sense of community and how they all leave their towers open for the neighbour falcons etc etc.

    • TheOven says:

      That’s what they do in Canada. The Fish and Game Dept.  then go and either move or set up a similar nesting spot nearby the following year in case they bird comes back. Most of the time, as I understand it, they take the new nest and don’t seem to know the difference.

  2. A pair of peregrines likes to hang out on this cell tower here in Brooklyn:


    …but I don’t think they’re nesting there.

  3. dculberson says:

    I saw an eagle’s nest on the top of a cell tower last weekend.  Gotta suck to be the technician that discovers it, face to face with a pissed off bald eagle.

  4. robotnik says:

    Anybody else just glance and read “Fallon occupies cell tower”? Oh, Jimmy!

  5. noah django says:

    I read about a peregrine family that nested on one of the skyscrapers here in Atlanta.  IIRC, the nest was on a ledge just outside the mail-room of some large office firm.  so, the DNR guy would just take the elevator up, go to the mail-room, open the window and tag the babies from there.  pretty cool.

    peregrine fun facts:  as a bird-eating raptor, they can hunt other birds while in flight, and they can dive as fast as 200mph.  sweet.

  6. Promethean Sky says:

    We’ve got a half dozen nesting pairs here in Detroit. Peregrines take well to city living.

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