Gentleman, Psy's follow-up to Gangnam Style, has scored 58 million views on YouTube since its release Saturday.


  1. At 57 seconds does he really stick his fingers in his ass crack and give the girl a sniff of them? Maybe he just farts on them. Dirty boy.

  2. Does he personify the final devolution of South Korean pop-culture? Or is he the apogee thereof? You decide.

  3. I wonder if we showed this to cavemen, and they saw the direction it was all heading, if they would decide to stop evolving and just climb back up in the trees.

    1. Uhhh… gard3 ain’t exactly high culture either. 

      Psy is having fun and making lots of people laugh. It may be bubblegum, but it’s pretty well made bubblegum. I say, go Psy!

  4. Reminds me of when 2 Unlimited released No Limit… I think Psy’s fame is at about 14 minutes and 48 seconds…

    1. Ooh, are we going to put up fame doomsday clocks that start at 15 minutes until midnight for every  celebrity?

      1. Fair enough on the 15 minutes thing. But I still hold to my 2 Unlimited comparison. I think fans are still fans, but, you hit the mainstream (okay, American mainstream) with one hit song and then release a second one which seems a bit derivative, but not quite as good… at least in my humble opinion.

        1. I agree the song is derivative and the video as well. However, many other good musicians have followed up a hit with a lesser song. I’d like to see where he takes this in the long term. He has such a fun on screen presence and the video team he has is incredible. I don’t see him as a one hit wonder; there was too much clever work into the first video for it to have been a fluke – more like a surgical strike. I watched several other K-Pop videos posted here on Boing Boing which were similar to Gangnam Style and none matched the pitch perfect pop confection he starred in. I hope he keeps pushing out the videos in the next couple of years trying to strike gold again because I think he’s capable of it, and Lord knows pop music needs a new energy infusion. 

  5. And I didn’t think you could make BEG’s Abracadabra unsexy …
    On the plus side: Abracadbra gets worldwide attention and, fingers crossed, drop-crotch pants die.

    1.  How so? I know Psy’s not for everyone, but I find myself appreciating his work. He’s as much a comedian as he is a musician, nonetheless someone who’s churning out satirical social commentary.

      1.  I suspect Bill was referring to the stream of pranks that Psy plays in the video, which are presumably in ironic counterpoint to the song title, “Gentleman.”

        1. Yes. Apologies for being obtuse, folks. Poorly-caffeinated hindsight is apparently the best sight.

        2. Yeah, that’s how I “read” it. But where’s the social satire?

          Guess it’ll help when I search for translated lyrics. And then read about the Korean social context.

    2.  I believe the proper response is “Christ, what an asshole.”

      That said, he gets as good as he gives.  So there’s that.

    3. I’ve been trying to decide whether the joke is “watch me playing nasty practical jokes on girls, isn’t that funny” (that view is complicated a little bit by the girl pulling his chair out later on, and by his willingness to make a fool of himself at all times), or Seth McFarlane-style meta-misogyny (“look what assholes guys are who think doing this stuff is funny”).

      I think it’s the latter, but I still don’t find it all that funny (not a huge fan of SMcF, either); even so, I’ve decided to refer to myself as a mutha-fatha gentleman from here on out.

  6. Oh my goodness!  I laughed and cried at this, but I was particularly smitten with the pony tail sway at 

    1.  I’m glad I wasn’t the only one.  I wonder how hard that was to achieve, or if ponytail sways naturally sync up when everyone’s dancing to the same beat, in spite of differences in the consistency/density/elasticity in the hair.

      I have officially spent 10 minutes thinking about ponytail physics.

        1. Nah, that looks pretty natural, a few aren’t moving to the same beat because they aren’t long enough.

    1. But they are tightish on the bottom half.  Or it’s a normal pair of pants with the longest and roomiest inseam I’ve ever seen.

  7. I like whomever does the art direction.  The open spaces, mostly monochome look with good use of light, minimal yet effective choreography…  may not be my style of music but I like watching his videos

    1. It’s “mother father gentleman” (or maybe better, “mutha-fatha gentleman”), but I’m pretty sure it’s a euphemism for Oedipal couplings.

  8. Well, my 8 year old is likely to utterly love it.  I like Psy, and liked the humour of the Gangnam style video.  It is possible that the humour of this video (singing about gentlemen while being a complete prick to people) will be lost.

    And if it inspires non-Korean speaking 8 year olds to start pulling chairs out from under people then I am going to become a Psy hater.  Not that it would be his fault (people do stupid stuff because they are stupid, not because the media told them to).

  9. Oh man. This is going to cause so much bad behavior. I know I for one will be ripping open cans of beer and thrashing them around at every social event I attend. 

  10. Great  FUN! I’ve posted about Psy’s first video on my blog and I will be posting this one as well.

    Sometimes we just have to look at ourselves and laugh. We all have our ‘ungentlemanly’ moments – even us WOMEN!

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