Giant snails invade Florida

"One female can produce 1,200 eggs a year and they eat stucco" [Gizmodo]


  1. Now if only they could get the pythons to eat the snails and then fall into the sinkholes the circle of life would be complete and all of the problems would be solved.

  2. When you say “giant” snail, how big are we. . .oh.  Yes, that is quite large, and just about the size of a big rat.  Next question: are they edible?

      1. In parts of Africa they’re considered a delicacy. 

        Personally I find the taste a bit meh. Lots of people like them. Maybe the stucco will improve the flavour?

    1. I’ve hard they are delicious but problematic to prepare. Apparently the slime is difficult to remove and dangerous to eat. I’ve also heard the flesh itself can be a bit dangerous, toxins or parasites or something. 

  3. These mollusks are also a big problem in Brazil. They were brought here because someone thought it would be a good idea to eat  these animals at expensive and fancy restaurants.  According to this article – – these creatures could carry a lot of dangerous parasites.

  4. We’ve had them in Hawaii since WWII, when the military decided they would be a tasty protein source for invading Marines and spread them all over the Pacific. The Marines preferred Spam. We’ve had no problems with stucco-eating or tire-puncturing. I’d tell Florida to keep your house painted and don’t park on the lawn.

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