Hey Jude reworked in a minor scale

Ukrainian engineer Oleg Berg has done the major-minor switch on several pop songs, but he says his favorite is this rendition of The Beatles' "Hey Jude." Take a sad song, and make it sadder.

(Last month, NPR ran a piece about this recent spate of major-minor reworkings.)


  1. I wonder if the key change throws off Google’s automatic content matching system? If the system is based on amplitude rather than frequency, I suppose it might not make a difference…

  2. On a closely related note, A Perfect Circle’s version of Imagine is also outstanding (and extremely dark).

  3. Every one of these major-to-minor conversion has sounded wrong to me, and this one makes the point as to why. “Hey Jude” is a strong song because it has some unexpected harmonic transitions.   These surprise the ear but because they then resolve to something familiar, they’re pleasing.

    So if you just go through a song and change the root key from major to minor, those ‘surprise’ chords no longer make any sense harmonically.  The worst offender is on the “any time you feel the pain” line through to the end of the verse — it’s a mess.

    On an unrelated note, a former junkie told me that Hey Jude was actually about shooting heroin.  I suppose if you’re a heroin addict, every song is about shooting heroin, but still… if you listen to the lyrics from that point of view there are a lot of lines that are significant to heroin users — ‘take a sad song and make it better’ == fixing when you’re hurting, ‘let it out and let it in’ — the custom of letting blood backwash into the syringe before fully injecting, ‘the minute let her under your skin’ etc. 

    1. Wow.  I noticed that harmonic problem, but there’s no way I could have explained it.  Salute.

  4. This sounds like shit and is misleading as “reworked”.  The song wasn’t actually transposed to a minor key.  It’s just a crude hack that doesn’t even sound close to a truly transposed song.  There are notes he sings that just don’t work over a truly minor key arrangement.  It’s stupid and I wish it would stop.

    1. It’s pretty easy to make it stop, you just press the play button a second time. I know, it wasn’t obvious to me at first either, but now I can’t imagine life without this feature! It’s almost like when I first tried a TiVo!!!

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  6. The subtlety of the original lies in the fact that it *is* a sad song in a major key, which controverts the norm.  Switching modes like this takes an exquisite piece of musical sushi and turns it into a Big Mac with fries.  There’s nothing wrong with Big Macs (with fries); they’re just dead common.

    1.  i’m sure you’re right, but the original never did anything for me. i found it frankly kind of dull. I quite like this version as it gives it more punch and the odd quavery bits sound like someone having a breakdown.

  7. This is the first time i’ve ever sat through the whole of this song with anything approaching enjoyment. It’s also  made me realise that most radiohead songs must be in minor key.

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