Monochrome 1920s costumes


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  1. Paul Renault says:


  2. Welmoed Sisson says:

    Looks like one I did a few years ago for Otakon in Baltimore:–D0GteSQxIE/TjC4Xp0C41I/AAAAAAAABMs/_J5PVKmwalU/s1600/Wcostumecolor.jpg

  3. Amorette says:

    Aside from the fact that neither of them is dressed in 1920′s costumes, I have seen better.  My older brother once used a large box, a string of white Christmas lights, gray makeup and B&W photocopies of products to be a black and white television for Halloween.  Young people were baffled.  Older folks loved it.

  4. theophrastvs says:

    i wonder what interesting metal makes up the pigment of the ‘gray makeup’ (titanium or lead or ?) …but then i wonder some pretty gray things.

    (i also wonder why disqus forces me to re-re-re-login every damn time now)

  5. quean says:

    Ummmm… Am I missing something? Nothing 1920s about these clothes.

    • millie fink says:

      Me too, but what I’m wondering is what’s 1920s about black and white clothes. Cuz photos of the times are black and white? (If so, uh, not clever.)

      • Antinous / Moderator says:

        A friend of mine wore a vintage flapper wedding dress and cloche with veil when she got married.  Her family members from New England were baffled, but everyone in SF thought that it was fabulous.

    • Historybuff says:

       No, about the only thing 1920s about the outfits is the way she’s wearing the pearls. Grizzly Adams there needs some decent trousers at the very least.

  6. kmoser says:

    Nowadays when people put on gaudy, brightly-colored clothes it’s for a 1970s-themed party. Pretty soon it will be for an HDR-themed party.

  7. sigismund says:

    the haircut and the beard of the gentleman are so 1860…

  8. Daemonworks says:

    I’ve been wanting to do basically the same thing, but with a big bag of black, white and grey m&ms (available through specialty candy shops) and just sit on the steps of the art gallery eating them.

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