Monochrome 1920s costumes

Redditor Royally_eft's friends dressed up as monochrome people for a 1920s theme party. The effect's very good, especially shot against a colorful snack-aisle. Here's the inspiration for their costumes.

grayscale costumes for a '20s party (


  1. Aside from the fact that neither of them is dressed in 1920’s costumes, I have seen better.  My older brother once used a large box, a string of white Christmas lights, gray makeup and B&W photocopies of products to be a black and white television for Halloween.  Young people were baffled.  Older folks loved it.

  2. i wonder what interesting metal makes up the pigment of the ‘gray makeup’ (titanium or lead or ?) …but then i wonder some pretty gray things.

    (i also wonder why disqus forces me to re-re-re-login every damn time now)

    1. Me too, but what I’m wondering is what’s 1920s about black and white clothes. Cuz photos of the times are black and white? (If so, uh, not clever.)

      1. A friend of mine wore a vintage flapper wedding dress and cloche with veil when she got married.  Her family members from New England were baffled, but everyone in SF thought that it was fabulous.

    2.  No, about the only thing 1920s about the outfits is the way she’s wearing the pearls. Grizzly Adams there needs some decent trousers at the very least.

  3. Nowadays when people put on gaudy, brightly-colored clothes it’s for a 1970s-themed party. Pretty soon it will be for an HDR-themed party.

  4. I’ve been wanting to do basically the same thing, but with a big bag of black, white and grey m&ms (available through specialty candy shops) and just sit on the steps of the art gallery eating them.

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