Yeah for yeast

The Oregon state House has voted unanimously to make Saccharomyces cerevisiae — brewer's yeast — the official State microbe. The bill now heads to the state Senate.


  1. Wait till Monsanto shows up and demands their cut for them having a patented gene in them.

  2. When they made us stop cutting our trees, we decided to get drunk.

    We got so good at it, we learned to make a living at that, instead.

  3. So Oregon’s House just voted unanimously to make brewer’s yeast the

    Official State Microbe, in symbolic support of their thriving craft

    brewing industry. Meanwhile, Washington’s House is supporting its craft

    breweries by proposing to double their taxes.

    1.  Once you go Brett, you’ll never go back!

      Because it will take up residence in your equipment, and you’ll have to autoclave your entire house to get rid of it

      (sort of kidding)

  4. “Official state microbe”?!
    Is this a thing? Do the other states have official microbes too?
    How about an official state virus? …toxic chemical/country song/reason to hate Uganda/lampshade?

    1. They couldn’t let Wisconsin be the only ones:

  5. Luckily, Japan already has the mascot plushies and keyrings covered, thanks to the Moyashimon manga / anime.

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