Brain Rot: Hip Hop Family Tree, Whodini: Magic's Wand

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  1. In before the “Leave Russel Alone” comments that always seem to follow when his mug shows up in these strips. :)

    1.  I do too. #idolaters
      If I have the opportunity to draw the entire story, you will see a positive transformation of Russell “Rush” to his more centered, Buddhist self. It’s a sub plot.

  2. I look forward every week to read these!
    I don’t want to nitpick, but should it be Zomba Records, not Jive? 

  3. I would spend double if the finished book actually looked like an old-time Marvel Treasury book…

    1.  It’s going to be as close as can be. Spent some time calling printers looking for the closest paper. The dimensions are similar too. Just gonna have a nicer cover stock and a spine.

  4. “I used to watch the show ‘I Dream Of Jeanie’ and dreamt about ‘When will I be large like Whodini?'”–KRS One

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