Fun quadcopter for kids

I bought Jane a $60 quadcopter from Banggood for her 10th birthday. One of the motor wires was broken on arrival so I had to solder it back on, and the battery charger was for a European power outlet so I broke it open and soldered on a US plug. Now it works and it's a lot of fun. It has a built in video camera, too!

It has two control modes. Mode 1 is the "beginner mode," which doesn't allow for tight turns. We like Mode 2, because it's actually easier to control. You can flip the captor 360 with the touch of a button on the transmitter, which Jane loves.

Here's a video of Jane flying it and me being paranoid that she's going to get it stuck in a tree. She ends up landing it in the street, and I say a naughty word.


  1. Sh*t! Or as my father, the minister, used to say, “Dad-gum!”, or sometimes just plain, “Sonnn…”

    I’m rather partial to “Geez, Louise!” myself.

    1.  Sooner or later, someone’s going to start offering use of their PayPal account in exchange for bitcoins.

      1. More likely they will exchange access to hundreds or thousands of *other* people’s accounts in exchange for bitcoins.

  2. I’m guessing you know this, and that you checked and it works with both, but EU voltages are ~220V, US is ~110V. If the charger’s made to work with both, that’s fine: otherwise you might not get a good charge on the batteries.

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