Mark Ryden: preview of new "Gay 90's" art book


8 Responses to “Mark Ryden: preview of new "Gay 90's" art book”

  1. Peter Huestis says:

    Hmmmm…. I’ve always had very mixed feelings about Ryden. Sometimes meta-kitsch is still just kitsch.

  2. MonkeyBoy says:

    Does he have a fetish for the young Christian Ricci?

  3. Capital_7 says:

    When I see new Ryden work, I feel like I’ve seen all of it before.  I’m sorry, but I’m just over him completely.  Faux kitschy pederasty doesn’t seem so ironically fun as it once did.

    • untriangle says:

      This is a depressing truth, but I’m not sure if it’s because it makes me feel older, or because it’s sad to see an artist I used to enjoy, being boring.

  4. Gay 90′s? I agree the 90′s bought us grunge music and the beginnings of all those reality TV shows, but……………no, he’s right!

  5. Russ McClay says:

    I love Ryden’s paintings.  I am particularly fascinated with his painting technique and I really like seeing the sketches, especially those in this book integrating some scientific bits. And that self-portrait is awesome!

  6. BabyArt seems lonely all by itself, so to see this Dutch-Angle on social models is nice; no freaking idea why yellow is his gray. The important thing is for photo studios to have similarly sized baby deer and squirrels to hand and Catholic and Proofs Without Words IP for licensed inclusion; just drain the cheese straight outta those ‘young student and family’ albums. Which people in the future will look for wondering how the savegame is stored inside.

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