More earthquakes in Oklahoma

A 4.3 earthquake rattled Oklahoma City at around 1:00 am central today. You may recall that scientists have evidence connecting Oklahoma's sudden onset of small quakes to the disposal of liquid left over from gas and oil fracking operations.


  1. If you look at , you’ll see a belt of damaging quakes that stretch from Oklahoma up all the way into South Dakota. The map encompasses the past 250 years which indicates to me that Oklahoma isn’t just now experiencing quakes as fracking becomes more common. 

  2. Just had a massive earthquake in Iran that was felt all the way in India.  Some scientists suspect that big earthquakes might trigger others around the world that are on the verge of releasing.

  3. Isn’t a 4.3 scale quake quite puny?  It might have ruined a late night game of Jenga, but that’s about the extent of the damage you would expect from something that small. 

    1. Indeed. As an okie, I can attest to the fact that we are more accustomed to our natural disasters coming from the sky, rather than under our feet. 

  4. I think you’re pretty gullible if you think earthquakes are caused by fracturing a well. The earthquakes are becoming more frequent and of a greater magnitude all over the world now. There is something more going on within our earth”s crust. Our planet is being influenced by something that we have no control over, it definitely is not fracturing a formation.

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