Zipper Club: fundraising a comic for kids with congenital heart defects

Dave sez, "THE ZIPPER CLUB is a comic focusing on survivors of childhood congenital heart defects, written by a survivor of such a condition himself. It's on Indie-GO-Go in hopes to put out a first print run. Part of the proceeds will go to the AHA and part of the run will be distributed to pediatric cardiac care centers for the kids who will truly benefit from it."

At age 8, Cliffy Goldfarb was the recipient of an emergency heart transplant. At age 9, Cliffy is now struggling to cope with the limitations his still recovering body is undergoing, and the fact that because of this, he has trouble relating to his peers. When his mom suggests spending his summer at Camp Bravehearts, a place for kids living with heart defects like his own, he has some trepidations about going this camp for “special” kids, but soon learns his worries were all over nothing when he meets a young girl named Rosie who introduces him to a group of new friends who encourage him by showing off their surgical scars to one another and inducting Cliffy into “The Zipper Club”.

Welcome to THE ZIPPER CLUB! (Thanks, Dave!)


  1. Childhood Congenital Heart Defects?  They are lifetime defects and survivors are ALL ages! But kudos to Cory!

  2. Here’s how you know you’re living in the future:

    A man walks up to you, and says, “We’re going to inject a drug into your 18-month-old daughter’s heart to stop it beating. We’re going to cut it open, repair the septum using her own pericardium, and sew everything back up, and start it beating again.”

    And your first response is not, “WHAT THE HELL DID YOU JUST SAY,” but “Yes, that is a perfectly rational response to the problem at hand.”


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