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4 Responses to “Controlling a robot arm with an Android phone”

  1. cellocgw says:

    Poo on it if it can’t feed me a Cheetos!

  2. teapot says:

    Nice work Paul, this is freaking cool! The potential for this is massive… can you tell us how much the robotic arm cost to build and it would be awesome if you could team up with someone to make the robotic arm’s components 3d printable.

    I always thought ‘desktop publishing’ was a stupid name because you send the files off to people who have printers that would never fit on a desk, but with this and my suggestion you could have desktop manufacturing!

    • Paul Grouchy says:

      Thanks for the kind words, teapot!

      The robotic arm was $699 USD ( http://crustcrawler.com/products/smartarm/ ) plus customs to get it into Canada, plus $80 or so for a USB cable.  Thankfully, funding was generously provided by Professor David Johns’ research group at the University of Toronto.

      We also believe there’s a lot of potential here.  That’s why we released the code open source, so that others may use this as a jumping-off point for whatever crazy ideas spring to mind :)