Exclusive excerpt from Gilbert Hernandez' masterpiece: Marble Season


3 Responses to “Exclusive excerpt from Gilbert Hernandez' masterpiece: Marble Season”

  1. monmatmildew says:

    The art looks cool, but it’s nearly impossible to read the writing at that size.

    • sockdoll says:

      I opened the first image in a new tab and it was a little larger and more legible than the original presentation. Then I went through and changed the numbering in the URL to view all eight pages. It was a small inconvenience, but for me it was worth it to be able to see and read the pages more clearly.

      Maybe Mark can do something to fix it. 

  2. Darron Moore says:

    Los Bros are always worth the effort.  Gilbert seems to have a compulsion to be outre’ usually, but this is closer to Jaime’s work.  I’m digging their revival.

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