Photos of bugs with drops of water on their heads

This is the best gallery of bugs with drops of water on their heads I've ever seen. Dmitriy Yoav Reinshtein, I lift my drop of water to you.


    1. I’d call any land arthropod that’s not a crustacean a bug, as would most English speakers.

    2. “Bug” is not strictly synonymous with “insect.”
      It includes insects, but is a colloquial catch-all for a whole range of small creepy-crawlies, including arachnids.
      Thus making this usage totally fine.

      1.  It surely doesn’t include geckos nor geckos with no water on their heads.  Actually bugs are hemiptera and homoptera.  None of these are them.

      1.  I think we need someone who’s both an entomologist and an etymologist to weigh in here.

  1. I, for one, welcome our new Spiders-with-Waterdrops-on-the-Head meme. I do not circulate bunnies-with-pancake photographs. I have never circulated bunnies-with-pancake photographs.

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