Guatemala: "Dictator in the Dock," video updates from Rios Montt genocide trial

Skylight Films, the team behind "Granito" and "When the Mountains Tremble," have been filming the trial of General Efraín Rios Montt since day one, and they're posting video updates from here in Guatemala City.

"We want the world to be present during this important time in Guatemalan history," they say. Above and below, the first three episodes of their "Dictator in the Dock" series: ANTICIPANDO LA JUSTICIA, UNSPEAKABLE CRUELTY, and ORDER IN THE COURT.

Also, check out their "Granito Memoria" online testimony project, gathering the stories of armed conflict survivors.


  1. Thank you for keeping a spotlight on this.  No matter how long ago the crime it’s important that murderers and thugs are held accountable.

    1.  It was Judge Carol Patricia Flores who scuttled the trial for some administrative reasons, and the Attorney General is going to fight it, so we aren’t clear yet. Clearly OPM has been against this from the start, and no doubt the desire to find a reason to get out of this trial ran high, but when you’re taking on power like that, even one uncrossed t or undotted i can unwind the whole thing. Justice will be very hard to come by in Guatemala, but this isn’t over yet. As always, some good thoughts at

  2. Interesting and sad how people aren’t catching on to this trial here in the US. Essentially it is the United States on trial, or more specifically the gruesome proxy actions of the United States. Americans on the whole are ignorant of how much death was inflicted on Central and South America by our Intelligence Agencies, Military, State Department and others in their efforts to hold back or overthrow left-leaning or non-corporate friendly nations.

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