How to hide small items inside a door


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  1. GlyphGryph says:

    God damn it, now I’m going to need to find a new hiding place! You jerks!

  2. Stefan Jones says:

    In Make #35, we show you how to 3D print a cigar tube  substitute, because who the hell has those lying around these days?

  3. blueelm says:

    If there was a way to make sure you did this without your landlord noticing this would be a hilarious way to freak out a future tenant.

  4. gedsudski says:

    Should we start calling you Senator Frauenfelder?

  5. crenquis says:

    The tube allows one to safely stash the stuff in a body cavity if you need to go on the lam…

  6. boise427 says:

    This qualifies as food for thought. Once a hiding method is discussed in a public forum or included in a “where to hide anything” book, it becomes less secure. I prefer to look around and discover ways to hide things in plain sight or imagine places where I could live in my house for years and not have discovered the item. Best place is if I could move my stuff and accidentally move the hidden item without discovering it.

  7. Anne Onimos says:

    “The Origin of Species”. 

    Full title: On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life.

  8. Uncle Geo says:

    The stash is cool, but cooler; finally “Republics” has gone mainstream.  Shoulda started long ago when the GOP suddenly avoided adjectives and starting calling the Democratic party the Democrat party (because they do stupid shit like that just to tweak people).

    • Iron Clad Burrito says:

      …proving that BOTH sides of the American political aisle are loaded with petulant children.

      Yeah, go on and delete this one, too, Antinous, I know you are itching to do so…

  9. LilyBLily says:

    Why do you need to hide something and from whom are you hiding it? Those are critical details you need to consider before you start trying to hide anything. If no one expects you to be hiding something, it’s dead easy to have a secure hiding place. That’s why so many mayonnaise jars in the back yard are discovered years later by other people.

    • Boundegar says:

      When I was a kid, I developed elaborate ciphers for concealing my secrets.  One day, I realized I had no secrets worth concealing.  The next day I discovered girls.

      Cigar tubes may work the same way.

    • The Rizz says:

      Why do you need to hide something and from whom are you hiding it? Those are critical details you need to consider before you start trying to hide anything.

      True for multiple reasons. If you’re hiding something from the government, or hiding it from a thief, there’s different places to put it. The average thief isn’t going to check inside your refrigerator or dig through your attic insulation, but the FBI probably would. On the flip-side, the FBI probably won’t disassemble your TV set to find out if you have some microfilm or a USB drive hidden inside it, but that thief is going to take the TV right out the door…

      • Gilbert Wham says:

         I’d for sure check the freezer. If it’s stashed in the freezer, and it’s NOT delicious, well-preserved meat, it’s gonna be drugs or money. That’s a win either way.

  10. Harvey says:

    There’s a book, The Construction of Secret Hiding Places, by Charles Robinson that is floating around as a pdf on the net. It covers all of these types of matters. It’s short and highly informative.

  11. rocketpj says:

    All of the below would work if you were not a suspect and just wanted to keep it from casual break-ins.

    - Buried in a plant pot.
    - in a hollow leg of a chair
    - buried in the flowerbed (obvious)
    - in a hollowed out book (obvious)
    - in a bag of flour (so obvious)
    - in the pirate ship in the fish tank
    - toilet cistern
    - (gross) hanging down into the sewer line under the toilet (good way to be sure you only go to it when you really need it)
    - buried somewhere else – i.e. under a lawn next door
    - under a rock somewhere else entirely – like in the woods with a GPS coordinate or a treasure map – this is the best one, but least convenient and least under your control. 

    If you have the time and it is a long term stash, I think putting it in something that will then grow around it would be the coolest, a fast growing tree or something.  If you really need that roll of 100s, or ingot of gold, or those pieces of your assault rifle, cut down the tree.  If not, it will likely never be discovered.  However, if it is that would then mean that all future search warrants would include cutting down trees, which would really suck.

  12. johnny5 says:

    I think you just recovered your Tweezerman Slant Tweezers …

  13. Sceadugenga says:

    “There’s money in the banana stand”

    rocketpj, that tree idea is awesome. I’ve seen a tiny altar/shrine in the hills above Kyoto nearly swallowed up by a tree growing around it. Now I wonder if someone planned for it to happen.

  14. seyo says:

    “hide things that Obama wants to take away from you (bullets, tiny Bibles) or the next Republic president wants to take away from you (RU-486 tablets, tiny copies of Origin of the Species).”

    False equivalency bias alert! I know this was supposed to be a joke, but it’s still a false equivalency. Here’s why: Obama doesn’t want to take your bibles and bullets away. The next Republican presidential hopeful actually really does want to take away your ru-486 tablets, and really does want to teach creationism in schools. So, your joke is unfortunately a fail.

  15. xpatriate says:

    Thanks Mark, for getting the Republic party meme rolling in this sector. I hope it catches on. We can be just as irritating and childish as the spoiled frat boys and former members of the Reagan Youth. Not that we will,of course!

  16. Sirkowski says:

    The only thing Libertarians are gonna hide with this is their child porn.

  17. TheKaz1969 says:

    I’m gonna hide something cool so the next people who buy my house and want to replace the doors will find it in that hiding spot I totally forgot about..

  18. DJBudSonic says:

    I have found these, and holes for them with no container, three times while painting or removing doors.  So this has been around awhile.

  19. SedanChair says:

    The method of hiding is not the point.

    The point is to think about hiding places

  20. Just make sure you empty all these hidey holes before you’re too old to remember where they are. When we moved my grandpa out of his old house he kept talking about the “folding money” that was buried out on the back 40. Unfortunately, by that point, he had Parkinson’s and was a bit senile and had already dotted the back 40 with random sewage pits (and didn’t remember where all those were either) so nobody really tried to find the cash. 

    • rocketpj says:

       True enough.  My grandmother found little caches of bills all over the house for decades after my grandfather died.  The worst was a safety deposit box, which she had paid for 30 years without really being aware of it (not reading her statements).  When it was finally opened it had $16 in cash.

  21. Gilbert Wham says:

    Hmmm. I’d say that a better version of this would have the top 4mm planed from the door, and a strip of veneer backed with magnets to hold it down, thus covering the blatantly obvious stash tube.

  22. roldor says:

    You could hide explosives in your Door! If one smashes the door, the he will never do this again. Thats education for proper behaviour. 

  23. Promethean Sky says:

    In my youth, I would hide stuff inside my trophies. Easy to take apart with a wrench, and it was somewhere I’d never heard of stuff being hidden before. I have since moved on to better places. Also, small things fit quite well inside of doorknobs.

  24. Wooster says:

    I recall seeing this in the ’70s book A Child’s Garden of Grass.  It was given as an example of a place to hide a stash, but explained that you shouldn’t use it because it was commonly known.

    • cellocgw says:

      Exactly what I was going to post.    So, get offa my lawn you boingboing editor punk kids!  (and do  some historical research before posting, eh wot?)

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