Maslow XXI C.

Take that, Maslow.

Basic Human Needs Pyramid: Fixed [Pic]


        1. Er, at the bottom it is a first priority. At the top it is what you do if you have everything else squared away. …how many actually turn to the internet AFTER they have their other needs met.

    1. Right, I’d put “beer” right there with Survival – why do you think that alcohol is the first thing that any culture develops, usually parallelling agriculture?  Shelter, water, sleep, food, sex, beer – Egypt made sure to check every one off the list.

      1. Actually, elephants will seek out rotten windfall apples and get drunk, so alcohol really predates agriculture, assuming Pithecanthropus was as smart as an elephant.

      2. I think the history of alcohol is that it provided a safe drinking source when fresh water wasn’t always available, add a little buzz, and voila, instant hit

    2. File under “Physiological needs (survival)”, with red marker like so:

      “Air, Shelter, Water, Food, Sleep, Sex, Draught Guinness“.

  1. Actually, this is very insightful if you look at it the right way. The Internet is a tool that allows you to achieve many of those other needs.  With the internet you can get work to provide you with money needed for the basics of survival.  It also provides us with security, when used properly, and can warn us of impending danger including natural disasters, inclement weather, and socio-political problems that could affect our safety. Social networks and other tools give us a way to meet our social needs like friends, family, and friendship. It also gives us an outlet for our creativity, and allows us to meet a lot of our other needs.  When one is cut off from the Internet, it’s hard to interact properly with our modern society. A lot of these themes are discussed in Cory Doctorow’s recent novel, Pirate Cinema.

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